Yesterday I just wasn’t feeling the chapter. It felt weak and I was having a hard time focusing on it. I put it aside and decided to edit previous chapters to see if anything presented itself.
Today it was time to just dive in and finish the chapter. This is the part where an author would blog about how he or she powered through it and the work is better for it. Not the case here – I still don’t like it. I could spend another day agonizing over it, or I can continue and fix it during a later draft. Guess which one I am going to do?
The editor of Busted has been ill for a week so that has been delayed. I wish her a speedy recovery. The novel is already in the third and final act and it looks as if the word count is going to be shorter than I initially wanted. I don’t believe in padding a story to reach a word count. Many people have said a story only needs to be as long as is needed to tell it. I agree wholeheartedly. I had been toying with another sub plot, and one of the prologues has yet to be resolved.
Initially I had considered a prologue as a series of short adventures with one of the main characters named Bishop. Then I thought it would make a better epilogue. Now I am back to thinking it should be a prologue again. The back and forth of the creative process is sometimes frustrating!
Well, back to editing previous chapters!

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