One For The Money

My wife really likes the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich. She rented the movie and wanted me to watch it with her. I got tired of the Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy about eighty percent though book three, so I figured I should check out the book the movie I was being forced to watch was based on (We all know how ‘based on’ works.) I knocked out One For The Money in about four hours. There were some laugh out loud moments in the book. Over all it was a good read. I have always liked stories of ordinary people stuck in extraordinary situations and Stephanie Plum fits the bill perfectly. The movie was lacking. I make fun of my wife when we are watching a movie and she complains it is not like the book. (Dragon Tattoo anyone? Watch the Swedish subtitled ones, way better than the US movie.) I know this theme has been churned over quite a few times. I know books feature internal dialogue and other literary techniques that can’t translate to movie, but come on man! The book is obviously a hit with seventeen sequels and constant presence on the charts so why not attempt to stay true to the book? The movie was full of plot holes that only made sense if you read the book. I saw OFTM was rated less than three out of five stars. I agree with that assessment if you factor the movie as a stand alone. The book is so much better. Read the book. Watch the movie afterward if it’s free or on Netflix or something. Oh, and the Mars trilogy? Books one and two really good, book three… Meh.

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