Of Dragons

My week of playing Skyrim was fun. I started playing it on a borrowed disc for the PS3. I played through Act 1 and dragons kept kicking my butt. I returned the PS3 disc, and was given the windows PC disc. I had to install windows7 on my MacBook just to play, but it runs just fine with all the low graphics settings selected. I ended up playing through Act 1 again, but I took the advice from my friends who had played it previously. This time I focused on one handed combat and got my smithing skill to 100 as soon as I could (about four hours of smithing iron daggers.) Now I have to go looking for dragons to defeat.

Unbeknownst to me, my wife saw I was enjoying Skyrim, and purchased a used PS3 copy from Amazon for me. I was feeling guilty about not wanting to play it on the PS3 (the windows version loads so much faster, especially when entering a cave or town.) My son had been asking to play Skyrim. He has played games like Runescape, Minecraft and Little Big Planet in the past, so I figured he would like it. He started playing on the PS3 while I continued to play on Windows.
After talking to another friend about the awesomeness of playing a thief/assassin, I started another campaign on the PS3. My son had accidentally saved over my PS3 save, so my “weak” character on the PS3 is now gone. I have finished over half the thieves’ guild quests.
I use UESP for tips since the elderscrolls wiki page is poopy on my iPad. I want to get the official paper strategy guide, but at $30 it is too much for me to spend.

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