Blurb and other things

What if you could hire your ideal body?

Renting a pair of twenty-something bodies seems like the perfect final touch for Tom and Jean Smith’s dream cruise to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. And it is – until they get home to find their lives have been stolen.

Devastated, the Smiths seek help, only to find that this scam has drawn in a lot more people than they’ve imagined. And it goes much higher.

Now, it’s a race against time to find their bodies and recover their lives. If they don’t switch back soon, the change will be permanent. And fatal…


Pretty cool, eh?

Author Jennifer Gilby Roberts has been assisting with the editing and beta reading for Forlorn Hope and Paradox. She also went over Body Rentals and pointed out quite a few edits, typos and other literary no-nos. She also proposed a new blurb very similar to the above. Before the next round of printing of Body Rentals, I am going to implement most of her suggestions. She is having a vote on her site deciding the title of her next book. Go there and vote! I’ve read the untitled book and really liked it. I also read her other book, The Dr. Pepper prophecies. I’ve downloaded Wedding Hells, but have not had a chance to read it yet. I’ll do that after I finish reading The Walk by Lee Goldberg. What do you think of the blurb? Tell me in the comments below.

Also, there’s still time to get Pithos and Tyrant for free today.

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