Thursday musings

For those of you wondering where my story is for Chuck’s Flash Fiction Challenge… I didn’t do one! My job situation has changed (for the better) and writing on Friday is gonna require more effort. I’m still participating, but I’ll have to wait until Saturday or Sunday to get it up and posted.
For those of you who care, I’m sitting pretty with a pair of ‘A’s for this semester. Next week I start my Deviant Behavior & Power, Politics and the Press classes. Although these are only undergraduate classes, the instructor for Deviant Behavior is notorious for setting expectations in preparation for graduate classes. Wish me luck!
Skylanders: Swap Force comes out in three days. My special edition is already reserved and paid off at Game Stop. I paid it off about two dollars at a time. I’ll be bringing them home on Sunday after I work both jobs. My daughter is looking forward to playing with me. My wife rolls her eyes every time I talk about it, but I suspect she will play as she did when Skylanders: Giants came out last year. After all, she did buy me a Skylanders lunch bag and a squeezable character thing.
Oh, I forgot to mention, Paradox comes out in the next few days. It’s an Amazon exclusive just like Pithos and Tyrant. Get it for less than a buck when the image to the right is clickable.

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