Body Rentals 2nd edition is now live at Amazon and Createspace. Kobo and B&N should be updated by the end of the week. Apple always takes the longest. I figured I would make Paradox free for the days surrounding my birthday. Get it on November 17th through the 19th.
I sat down tonight and went through suggestions and edits from one of my Forlorn Hope beta readers. I added a few hundred words here and there. I’ll work on it until turkey day. Then it will see a few beta reads through the Winter Solstice. Then the last week of December it’ll distribute through the various channels to be available the first week of January 2014.
Escape is still scheduled for summer 2014. My summer writing will be the coffee punk / scarlet bade / wtf / ??? story. The tentative idea is to do four disparate stories about 5,000 words or so and then a big shake up and they all intertwine for another 20,000 words. wtf will need to be rewritten – obviously the twist at the end won’t work in the novel. I’m going to continue working on Welcome Home as the flash fiction challenges allow. You will all get to see the vomit draft and participate in its creation.

I’ve talked with Robert Sadler, my coconspirator in the cooperative cliffhanger. He has his own writing going on, but he wants to continue collaborating on My Son. He expressed enthusiasm (as I do) in trading off chapters and building on each other’s work.  No schedule has been set there, just two busy writers wanting to write.

That takes me through the end of 2014. I still want to write another Body Rentals story. You all saw a teaser for a flash fiction challenge. The Paradox sequel has been discussed and a general narrative exists. Escape always had another story to tell as well. These might be the stories I write in 2015. Eighteen months is pretty far away, so who knows.

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