Forlorn Hope Dream Cast

It’s been a week since Forlorn Hope was released. If I were asked to cast the thing as a movie, these are the people I imagine each character to be:

Scott Bakula

Garret would be played by Count Bakula, I mean Scott Bakula. Best known for his roles in Quantum Leap, Enterprise, Men of a Certain Age & a season of Chuck. I’ve always liked Bakula and I imagine the clean-cut look from Enterprise and the crazy antics from Chuck.

Beth Reisgraf

Anna would be played by Beth Riesgraf. She played the thief, Parker for five seasons in Leverage. Her character in Leverage had a detached persona, often saying and doing things we all wish we could do. A few episodes over the five year run she showed a sort of sinister side which is perfect for Anna.

Adam Baldwin

Adam “not related to the Baldwins” Baldwin would play Colonel Mathers. Baldwin seems to be type cast as a gun-toting, duty bound military officer. I enjoyed his single-mindedness in Firefly and the character of Colonel John Casey in Chuck. Unfortunately, Baldwin hadn’t aged well in recent years, but I think this makes him more believable as a career military officer.

Jason O'Mara

Sergeant Wilkins would be played by Jason O’Mara. Roles of his I liked were in Life on Mars (US) & Terra Nova. He would act as an amalgam of the characters he played in both those series. You really got to see his subtle sarcasm in Life on Mars which is perfect for Sergeant Wilkins.
I’m not gonna say who I think should play Bear or Willow. Do you agree with these castings? Who would you suggest? Am I just full if crap?

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