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I’ve started the second revision of Champion Standing. Unfortunately, of the eight beta readers I sent this out to, only one responded within the time period I asked for. The good news is she has many wonderful ideas and after I integrate them, the novel will be better. I only have a two week window to get it done so I can submit it to the 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Escape has actually been done since last summer, I’m just agonizing over the edits. The Afflicted is about a third of the way done. These three titles will be my focus this summer when I start writing again.
I wrote the Body Rentals prologues years before Body Rentals. My writing has improved tremendously since then. I feel these stories do not accurately reflect my writing skill or style. Characters introduced in all three prologues appear in Body Rentals and the sequel, so I’m not inclined to completely throw them under the bus, but I can’t have them souring potential readers from my better works. So, here’s what I’ve decided: When I start my 2014 summer writing session, I’m going to log into my KDP dashboard and see when the contact expires on these titles. I’ll have them all unpublished by the end of summer. They have ninety day contracts, so it may take through the summer for them to fulfill contractual obligations. I’ll do some editing and package them all up with an early promo chapter for the Body Rentals sequel and other promotional art and notes from me. I’ll make it free whenever I get it finished. If you do decide to purchase these titles between now and the end of summer, I appreciate your support.
Body Rentals Prologues

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