Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter part 3

The Afflicted

Chuck is doing this weird phone-a-friend in the future thing. I worked a tiny bit on Apocalyptic Bounty Hunter it’s by no means a complete chapter, but here it is nonetheless:

“You gonna’ move, or what?”

“I’m just resting, chill the fuck out!”

“Yeah, well, do you wanna end up like Sam?”

Ashlee’s eyes snapped open. “Don’t you fuckin’ say her name!” she screamed, before clamping her jaw shut. “You hear me, cue ball?”

“Yeah, I got your attention now?”

Rising to her feet, Ashlee whispered, “Asshole.”

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Before the collapse, she was always aware of her surroundings. Bigots were everywhere. That feeling had saved her from more than one ‘unfortunate situation.’ It wasn’t that she felt fear, quite the opposite, she could hold her own. It was the stigma and the constant discrimination.

“Yeah, well. Shit! Look out, out, out!”

She rolled on the boulder and came face to face with one of The Afflicted. He simply stared at her.

There’s no time for this… She thought. The KA-BAR seemed to materialize at the thing’s throat. She pressed her lips together tightly as his neck erupted in a spray of blood as the knife traversed his throat. She wiped her face off on her shoulder and flicked the blade to rid some of the viscera clinging to the blade.

“Holy shit! You’re a stone cold bitch!”

“Can it, Quentin. I am so over this mission.” She flicked her KA-BAR once again before sheathing it. “How’s my exit?”

“You’re golden all the way to zone Alpha-One.”

Alpha-One was the area directly north of the boundary between Human and Afflicted territory. She should be able to bribe her way across. She would pay her way in sugar, gold or blood – whichever was easiest.

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