Bad Nintendo

imageI have a Limited Edition Animal Crossing 3DS XL. Two of my friends also have Limited Edition Animal Crossing 3DS XLs. All three of our units have developed a crack on the hinge above the status light. Although I can’t specifically speak to my friends’ behavior, mine has been in a Nintendo licensed nerf armor case. It has never been dropped. It has never been abused. I only play Animal Crossing, a few RPGs and Find Mii/Puzzle Swap. The unit has sat barely used for weeks at a time due to school and work. The unit was made available for retail on June 9th, 2013. I noticed the crack about a month and a half ago. My unit should not show this level of wear in a little over six months. Of those six months, it likely sat unused for two of them.

I called Nintendo support and they told me that physical damage is not covered by warranty. After escalating to a supervisor, I was told the same thing. When I asked to speak to a manager, I was told there was no one above the supervisor. I’ve filed a Better Business Bureau complaint. I’m hoping you all will spread the word so that other people with defective 3DS XLs are made aware and can also file complaints. I also advise anyone considering purchasing a 3DS XL to not do so, since you will have a cracked hinge in six months.

This is not a new issue:

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