I couldn’t justify paying for another 3DS XL if it was just going to break in another five months. I ended up getting a smokin’ deal on a used 2DS for only $45. I paid the $18 at GameStop for the Nerf case like I do for all of my handheld electronics. I swear by Nerf and Otter Box. I’m not too thrilled with the 2DS Nerf case though. Every other Nerf case has fit the unit perfectly and the shell seemed to be a logical extension of the unit. The 2DS case doesn’t quite fit correctly and when I press the buttons, it “snaps” into place and then moves back out. Any kind of rotational strain causes the unit to “pop out” and I have to press it back in until it snaps.

Nintendo called me on Sunday. Although they wouldn’t admit there was a manufacturing defect, they agreed to “a one-time exception” to repair my broken hinge. I was informed they would likely be replacing the unit with a refurb and I wouldn’t get my limited edition Animal Crossing unit back. They offered to send me a free game to compensate me, but I would really rather have the limited edition unit.

I finished Bravely Default Monday morning. I chose to do a new game+, but I don’t know how much time I’m gonna have to dedicate to a second play-through.

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