Disneyland Wrap-up

This was the worst Disneyland trip in the ten years we’ve been going. It seemed that more than half of the Magic Kingdom was closed for refurbishment. Each of our favorite rides were closed. The Connie thing wasn’t resolved. A Disney manager offered to downgrade our 4-day park hopper to a 3-day park hopper and refund the $120 difference, but we would have to leave the park immediately. The other thing they were willing to do was to offer us some fast passes. Since it was our last day on property, we reluctantly accepted the fast passes. Erika is going to write a letter to Disney Corp complaining about the situation. I refused to reenter the parks based on the poor customer service I experienced. I did want one of those cool looking “cone cups” from Cars Land, but they were like $12! I expected it to be overpriced, but $12? Totally ridiculous.


Enough of the bad stuff. We did have some good times. I managed to complete my USA map on the built-in 3DS puzzle swap game. I’m also completely up-to-date on all the puzzles. Homewood Suites was awesome as always. I picked up another ‘Disney Dollar’ for the pile on my dresser. I had a $1, $5 & $10 Disney dollar framed for Erika a few years ago when one of them featured Pirates of the Caribbean (It’s her favorite ride.) The frame still hangs somewhere in the house. I met quite a few interesting people and heard a lot of dialog while waiting in line. I think I’ll try to do a flash fiction that’s all dialogue in the near future – should be an interesting challenge.


We left before 5AM because Erika was missing her dogs. We managed to retrieve them about ten minutes before the people at Doggie Dude Ranch went to lunch. The rest of the day is laundry (you gotta wash the California out.) I managed to come away with only two blisters and a new pair of shoes await me when I get home. Finally, we got a rare smiling picture of Anthony.

(I know, right?)

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