Paradox will eventually see another short from Eve’s point of view. It will be called Eve’s Story. Greg B. Banks, who did the cover for Adam’s Story, has committed to doing the cover for Eve’s Story, but I know he’s having health issues and has his own projects to contend with. If you haven’t checked out his Revolution Z, I recommend you pick it up. I’m going to make Paradox free on Amazon for the first five days and the last five days of the Champion Standing Kickstarter campaign. Be sure to get it, read it and post a review.


The Champion Standing Kickstarter campaign is less than a week away. I still need to raise about a thousand dollars for that project. There is a loose outline for a sequel to Champion Standing, titled Champion Rising, but nothing written yet. There is back channel talk for a prequel to Forlorn Hope, tentatively titled Soulsmith. William Tell Bianconi, III is involved in that project and I’m excited to see the project roll out. I expect to have a first draft by the end of the year, maybe even the end of summer.


Escape is currently being edited for a fall release. It will be an Amazon exclusive. I toyed with the beginning of a sequel as one of Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges, but nothing happened there. I may ask William Tell Bianconi, III to collaborate on that one. He’s been working on a High Fantasy story for a few years and I’ve been encouraging (harassing, cajoling) him to complete it. The last time he and I talked about it, he was done with the first draft. I hope he publishes it in 2014.

The Afflicted

The Afflicted is still unfinished. It has been pushed back to Fall 2015, but it may have to wait until spring 2016 if I stick to my Spring/Fall release schedule.

For Body Rentals fans, I still want to do a sequel and wrap up the series, but I’m still burned out on that one.

Collaborative projects, My Son with Robert Sadler and Masks with the Urban Spaceman are still in progress.

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