Week Two Recap


The Kickstarter campaign is creeping along slowly but surely. Shout outs to my backers thus far. It’s also incredibly humbling to know that almost half of the funding goal is the result of three special backers. Anyone who knows someone in the publishing industry probably knows how insecure we authors really are. We agonize over publishing our stories and worry we’re not good enough. A funding campaign like this truly is a writers’ greatest validation. Forget about awards and sales rankings – The fact that you all believe in my work enough to pledge means a lot to me.

Champion Standing is now 57% funded. As an added incentive to pledge, anyone who pledges any amount (including $1) get a ‘thanks’ in the Champion Standing acknowledgement page. I’ve updated the rewards to reflect this update. Keep getting the word out – Facebook, Twitter and blogs. There’s only $470 to go and two weeks to get it done. I’m perfectly happy with 470 pledges of $1.

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Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degrees in Computer Systems and Applications and Applied Human Behavior. View all posts by Mark Gardner

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