I’ve mentioned this in the past: I collect and play Skylanders. My wife and daughter occasionally play with me when I whine loud enough. There are three games with game number four coming out in October. Activision has several tablet games that we (my daughter and wife included) play. Last week, my daughter’s iPad deleted her game. I called Activision and as of this coming Tuesday, they haven’t offered any solution. I know of at least one other instance that this sort of thing happened, and Activision was able to do something for him. He had a Skylanders information website, so maybe he has more clout than I do. I know he hasn’t played the game or updated his site in months though. I hope Activision figures something out…

spyrosadventureIn other Skylanders news, I have completed my Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure collection. Well, not really. I’m still missing a Volcanic Vault, but I don’t care. Once I win the lottery, I’ll spend the $30 to get one on Amazon. I’m disinclined to pay $30 for a figure that unlocks a battle arena since I don’t really do battle arenas.

GiantsFor Skylanders:Giants, I’m missing the character Gill Grunt, and the Scorpion Striker battle pack. Gill Grunt is available for around $10, but he’s super common and I already have series one and series three figures, so I figure I’ll eventually be able to pick him up in a trade or something. The Scorpion Striker is harder to get ahold of, but, like the Volcanic Vault, I really don’t care.

Last year saw the release of Skylanders:Swap Force. I have a complete collection of figures. I really made the effort to get them all. The guys at Gamestop would call me when new figures came in. I’ve done pretty good at picking up all the alternate art/special figures. I missed getting the Frito Lay promotional Rattle Shake, but am hopeful I’ll get a chance for the promotional Hot Dog in the July Frito Lay contest.

I suppose I’m not a hardcore collector. There are a bunch of “legendary” figures with different color schemes. I only have one of the fifteen or so, but I’ve strived to get one of each character. There are also special “light core” characters that light up and stuff, but I’m perfectly happy with the standard versions.

My neighbors across the street have a young boy who also plays Skylanders. I’ve amassed quite the collection of duplicates and he had three special characters I wanted. I made sure his parents were involved and I traded him 2-to-1 and 3-to-1 to get his figures. I ended up trading seven of my figures for his three. Anyway, enough babbling about toys today. Wish me luck in getting the last three figures I need!

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