Sixteen Sunsets – Continued


“Krystal! Something amazing has happened!”

Krystal dropped her phone and turned to the front door.

“Where have you been?” She screamed. “I’ve been on the phone for hours. Why did you leave your car at the hospital?”

Kristof held up his hands. “I’m sorry. I had some stuff to think about.”

Krystal pushed Kristof towards the door. “I know, I talked to doctor Flax.” Tears streaked day-old makeup. “I thought you might have done something to yourself.”

Kristof sat on a bench in the foyer and pulled Krystal down to sit beside him. “I’m sorry, but you have to listen.”

“I have to listen? Ever hear of a cell phone?”

“Listen!” Kristof exploded. He paused to regain his composure and looked out a window next to the front door.

Krystal sat mute, waiting for Kristof to continue.

“How long has that green car been out there?”


“The car in the street. How long has it been out there?”

“I don’t know! Don’t change the subject!”

Kristof shushed her and peered out the window.

“Did you just shush me?”

“Look, something crazy happened to me. I gotta check this car out.”

* * *

Kristof exited the house through the back door and hopped over the eight-foot cinder block wall separating the back from the front yards. He slinked to a bush a few feet behind the suspicious car. A pile of cigarette butts pooled by the driver door.

Kristof recognized the reflection of the driver in the side mirror. It was the thug from the night before. Kristof didn’t recognize the other three occupants in the vehicle, but he remembered the threats from the thug.

Kristof considered his options and before he came to a conclusion, Krystal opened the front door. The thug and the other occupants started to open the doors and Kristof knew he had to act.

Sprinting out of the bush, Kristof grabbed the rear bumper of the car and heaved with all his strength. The car flipped into the air and landed on all four wheels forty feet away. Kristof jumped to the car and slammed both fists on the trunk crushing it and sending metal fragments flying. He walked to the driver door and tore it from the car body. He reached into the car to grab the thug but was stopped by a noise toward the house.

Dropping the thug to the pavement, he walked back to the house. “Krystal? Are you all right?”

Krystal sat on the porch clutching her arm. A deflated soccer ball only a few feet away. Kristof didn’t see any blood, but the large bruise forming on Krystal’s arm drove him to action.

He gathered her up in his arms, walked to the street and leapt into the air. Landing a few hundred feet away, he leapt again. Each subsequent leap yielded further distance and each landing damaged the pavement a little worse. Each landing forced a cry of pain from Krystal.

“I’m sorry babe. I’m trying to be gentle.”

16Sunsets – Part Three

I was so excited about Sixteen Sunsets, I wrote this for Sunday Photo Fiction, but misread the prompt and wrote 499 words.

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