Escape Reviewed

I'm a Dumbass-1

Subtitle: I’m a dumbass.

I was scanning my blog feed and saw a review of Escape. Two very talented ladies with very similar blog subtitles have reviewed two of my short stories in the same week. So I hit the “reblog” button and typed up a few words.

Heartbeat 1… 2… Oh crap. I thanked the wrong talented lady.

Of course, I immediately corrected the text on my blog, but the reblog feed-thing had already broadcast my egregious error to the blogosphere, nay, the world. Kate Loveton must also follow me because she commented on my reblog on Heather’s site advising me of my erroneous attribution. I replied to her comment and further made an ass of myself by typing that she had reviewed another book this morning. She didn’t, but she did submit her week 30 response to Thain in Vain. And I commented on Kate’s blog, liking her story! I sent Heather an email apologizing for being absent-mended. I want to properly reblog since I think that has something to do with ranking and traffic or something. I guess I can fact check this post before making any more of a fool of myself.

You should spend some time today reading Kate Loveton’s blog at and Heather B. Costa’s blog at

While you’re at it, be sure to like, follow and reblog these talented ladies to get them more exposure.

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