Trap Team -Day One

I went ahead and picked up the Dark Trap Team for the Wii because it came with a download code for the WiiU. I have the WiiU in the living room with our shitty big Sharp TV, and the Wii is in the den with the feature rich smaller Sony. I figured, if I’m gonna spend $100, it would be nice to play it in both locations. Unfortunately, the WiiU game download is 11GB, and I’ve got the Skylanders: Swap Force WiiU that only comes with 8GB of space. So, scratch that… You must play with the Wiimote and the nunchuck on the Wii. It won’t even accept my ‘classic’ game pads. I only have one nunchuck, so can’t play with my wife or kids. The portal that came with the game? Yep, it has a dead spot where it doesn’t read any characters. We’re not talking a small dead spot, but a spot so large, that if the characters aren’t hugging the edge, they don’t work. Also, the lights on the portal don’t work.

The manager at my GameStop offered to swap out the game and portal, but he only received one of each of the dark editions. I’m able to play if I position the characters just right, and have completed the first six levels. But I have to wait until the GameStop gets more dark editions in stock. Activision support is closed on launch day… I need yo wait until after work tomorrow to call them.

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