More on Trap Team problems

Activision replied to my post via twitter, but it looks as if they want me to mail them the portal and wait 7 – 10 days for a replacement. I appreciate that they are trying to remedy my issue, but I’m not happy that they want me to be unable to play the game for almost two weeks for a game that came out yesterday. I also cannot fault GameStop, since the store manager is completely willing to swap out the game and allowing me to keep the figures. I find it unusual that they would only ship one of each dark version to the store, but I suppose I have to figure in the fact that I live in the desert away from most of the Skylanders-playing masses.
This photo shows my light core Enchanted Star Strike with the eyes lit up, but no color on the portal ring. It’s hard to tell because the flash from the camera washes everything out.
This one without flash, clearly shows the bright eyes, but no lit up portal. The reflection from the lights is bright enough to reflect off the “floor” she stands on.

When she is moved to the dead spot, her eyes go dark and I get the “place a skylander on the traptanium portal” message. I didn’t take a photo because a dark figure on a dark portal is boring.

I’ve purchased the first three games and at least one of every figure (except a series 2 Gill grunt, but a buddy of mine is trading me one in exchange for a Nitro Crypt King.) I have to say, thus far I’m enjoying Trap Team better than Swap Force, so I have high hopes for the rest of the game. It is my sincerest hope that when I call Activision after work today, they’ll just send me a replacement portal. I’d love to report to you all tomorrow that the whole thing is resolved.

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6 responses to “More on Trap Team problems

  • Greg

    Hey I am having a problem with my trap team portal as well. When I place a trap in the portal it lets me use it for 15-20seconds before it gives me an error on the screen. Once I remove the trap I am able to continue playing. So basically I am unable to do anything that requires the use of traps.

    I have also bought the dark edition just today. I have not tried to call in about this problem, just doing some research online.

    Sorry about errors fixing spelling/grammar on the iPad is annoying.

  • Elle Cee

    Mine turns on, reads the trap and characters, but basically after that it goes dark and is unresponsive. Anytime I want to swap characters or traps, I have to unplug it, wait for the game to realize its unplugged, replug it in and its good to go for that swap. Have you heard anything about this before?

    • Mark Gardner

      Try different USB ports to see if that resolves the situation. If you have an older version of the game (swap force, giants, spyro) try using the trap team portal and see if it works that way. Otherwise call Activision at 1-844-HELP-EON to see if they can help you troubleshoot or possibly send you a replacement portal. The game has not been out for a year, so there should be no warranty issues.

  • Jayden

    I just got the disc-only version of the game for xbox 360 and my perfectly functioning traptanium portal can’t be recognized on it. It works fine on the wii, which is where I originally got it, but any time I try it on my xbox, it won’t detect it. So then I tried to use my Superchargers portal, but then it says that it’s incompatible. Please help

    • Mark Gardner

      The Wii portal and the XB360 portals are electronically different. You’ll need to pick up an XBOX360 portal. You can get them from gamestop for $10. The Wii portal is compatible with the PC and the PS3 though,

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