Summer Goals

Summer goals – I had them. My reading goals were to read Harry Turtledove’s Supervolcano series from start to finish. Hugh Howey’s Silo saga and Chuck Wendig’s Heartland stories. My other goal was to watch all of the Lost episodes. I’ve read the three Supervolcano books, three Wendig stories, the five silo stories and I’ve already started on Shift, the prequel to Wool. I did watch all the Lost episodes. A lot of you already know about these three authors, but if you haven’t heard of them, you should check them out. If you like my stuff, you’ll likely appreciate these great authors. Chuck Wendig and Hugh Howey are both on Amazon Unlimited. If you read like me, you can knock out both authors during the 30-Day trial. Also, Paradox and Escape are both on Kindle Unlimited. Enough with the chit-chat, I want to finish book two of Shift tonight.

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2 responses to “Summer Goals

  • dpaulangel

    I got started with Turtledove years ago when I came across his Misplaced Legion series. I’ve several of his series, but there are so many now I feel like I need a cheat sheet just to keep track! Glad he’s still writing though. I’ve only got to more books left in Jordan (and now Sanderson)’s Wheel of Time series, so I’ll be looking for something else to read soon :-)

    • Mark Gardner

      I was introduced to Turtledove 25 years ago by my grandfather. I’ve read the Krispos series, Turtledove’s fantasy series, but I prefer his speculative fiction. The only thing I haven’t read from him are the crosstown traffic series. I don’t think they were ever published electronically.

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