Fabia’s Desire


I’ve been working on the final manuscript of Champion Standing this week for the release three weeks hence. Here’s 933 words from Champion Rising, utilizing the Sunday Photo Fiction prompt:

* * *

Fabia spent the last five days aboard the Diana. The mission at hand never far from her mind as the arena and outbuildings ever present on The island. She performed her duties as Aurelia’s assistant with diligence and the appropriate amount of deference. She witnessed the planning and plotting between Cheng, the current Champion Standing, Aurelia and the Mang sisters. Fabia came to understand each party, discerning their individual motives.

Cheng was an arrogant warrior. He achieved stature by employing less than honorable means for years. His reflexes and skill were slowly failing to age. He wouldn’t be able to participate in the next tournament. Aurelia had on more than one occasion declared Gengshi a megalomaniac, but Fabia knew Cheng had delusions of ruling the Han Dynasty. He was as megalomanic as Aurelia.

Aurelia was focused simplemindedly on conquering the Han Dynasty for the Roman Empire to prove her worth to her contemporaries, but mostly to curry favor of her Senator father. She was a keen tactician, but she didn’t want to get her hands dirty. Secret meetings and assassinations were the norm, but she relied on others to move her plan forward. That inability to get dirty would be Aurelia’s downfall.

The Mang sisters were impatient. Quick to anger and slow to forget and rarely forgive. The Mang sisters tried more than once to wrestle the operation from Aurelia, but, still the keen tactician, Aurelia overcame the treachery of the Mang Sisters. Fabia had secretly been sending reports back to the Roman Senate and occasionally nudging the Mang sisters in one direction or another. Sometimes for Aurelia, sometimes against.

Fabia read every report Aurelia received and suspected the current plan would not succeed. She stood from the desk in her quarters and walked to the door. She barked her order to the guard: “Bring Flavius to my quarters, immediately!”

“Yes, Mistress!” responded the guard before running down the corridor. Fabia moved to the bed in her quarters and awaited Flavius’ appearance.

A rap sounded out on the door. Fabia called out, “Enter!” She stood as Flavius entered and closed the door behind him.

“Mistress?” He stood at attention, awaiting orders from Fabia.

Fabia responded by dropping her garment to the floor.

“Are we?” he started, but Fabia raised a finger to silence him.

“What are you waiting for?” Demanded Fabia, pointing her finger at his tunic.

He seized her hand and kissed her fingers, working his way up her arm and neck. He bent her arm behind her and she gasped in pain. He continued kissing her neck, grabbing her hair and pulling her head back and continued kissing and biting her neck and cheek. He groped her breast with his other hand, squeezing her nipple between his fingers. Each squeeze and bite caused her to lose her breath. She grabbed his hand on her breast and lowered it between her legs. She had to stand on her toes to maneuver it where she wanted it.

Flavius moved his biting and kissing lower to her breasts and stomach. He released the arm he had pinned behind her so he could support her entire weight with his now freed arm. Fabia’s body shuddered with each thrust of his fingers. Each bite radiated warmth through her body. She grabbed his hand after a shudder elicited a deep moan.

“The bed!” She demanded and withdrew his hand.

Flavius picked her up, strode to the bed and deposited her with force. He took his place at the foot of the bed. Fabia wrapped her legs around his head as he worked magic with his tongue. She bit her hand and pulled on his hair with the other. She forced his head into her flesh squeezing and hitting him as she thrashed in ecstasy.

Flavius raised his head and stared into Fabia’s eyes. The smell of sweat and silphium permeated. Standing, he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his muscular chest. Lowering her, he impaled her on his member, a cry escaping her lips. Gripping his neck, she worked her legs and met each thrust with exuberance.

Flavius stumbled to a wall and Fabia felt the grain and rough-hewn wood against her back. She knew there would be scrapes and bruises, but as Flavius increased each thrust in force and duration, she knew they would finish soon. Flavius’ final thrust he let out a grunt and she a scream.

Still enjoined, Flavius walked to the bed lie down with Fabia still clinging to him. She released her legs and arms and fell to his side while he supported her with his arm. Tendrils of her hair spread across his chest and arm. She stirred under his touch and nestled closer to him, tilting her head back to look up at him. “Tomorrow, we take over this operation and side with the Mang sisters.” She ran her hand down his chest. “We’ve come to an agreement with them.” When she reached his member, she smiled at the knowledge she wasn’t the only one stirring.

* * *

“Move!” Fabia barked at Flavius. He leapt over the railing and splashed into the South China Sea. He swam several stokes to an empty longboat, flopped over the side, produced a set of oars and maneuvered back to the Diana. Fabia pushed the bound and gagged Kaden over the railing and into Flavius’s waiting arms. After he stowed Kaden he looked up and waved to Fabia. She straddled the railing and felt a twinge on the bruise she received the night before. Leaping, she landed in Flavius’s arms. He lowered her to the deck, sat and began to row toward The Mang sister’s ship, The Heart of War.

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