Chapter 6 – Revelation

Beginnings Project

I saw part five yesterday at Jules Smith’s site. Miss Alister is maintaining a project page on her blog. Regular readers of this blog know I love collaborative writing, and I’m so glad this project is still kicking. Photos of the original stream-of-conciousness typewritten pages as well as my writing space are after the jump. I think this continuation is somewhere around the 480-word mark:

* * *

I reached into my pocket to retrieve the golden coin. I suspected it was to do something. I could’ve drank more of the cloudy nectar, but I wanted to maintain a clear head.

James stared across the table, picking at an unseen flaw in the glass. He looked to be waiting for a response to his tale. Slowly, I pulled the coin from the recess of my pocket. James nodded as I rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger. I lay it on the table, expecting the bust of a younger James to look off to the right.

I inhaled deeply, staring at the coin, its glowing contrast against the dark, wet grain of the wood. The bust I saw was no longer of James, but of myself. I recognized the tufts of hair that failed to be contained behind my ears. People had told me I had a strong nose, but looking at my profile, I suspected I had broken it once too many.

James leaned forward. “I’m afraid I have bad news, lad.”

I leaned forward too, not wanting to miss anything he had to say.

“Remember that little swim you took a few years ago?”

“I remember you didn’t stop me.”

James leaned back and crossed his arms. “You had a lesson to learn.” He drained the amber from his glass. “You just had to die to learn it.”

“Die?” I stammered.

“I just told you about my oldest friend. His death was like your death…” His voice trailed off and he regarded the empty glass.

“There are no crocodiles in the open water,” I insisted.

James let out a laugh and the room seemed to brighten, if only for a second. “Not the croc, lad, the water.”

I opened my mouth to respond, but I found I had nothing to say.

“I thought you had figured it out.” James turned the glass up-side-down. “You had that wonderful idea about the waterfall.”

I didn’t respond, so he continued. “You drowned that day you went for a swim. I told you then, and I’ll tell you now: You can’t rush ready. You weren’t ready then,” James stood. “But now…”

I pushed my glass away from me. I stared at the old coot, but deep down, I had to admit I knew there was something special going on. Something beyond life and death. “Tell me,” I squeaked. I cleared my throat, reached for the glass and finished its contents. “Tell me about the Ultimate Invincibility,” I said between coughs.

James again roared with laughter. “Nothing to tell, boy. You’re living it.”

I played with the edge of the coin that suddenly beared my likeness.

“Put that in your pocket,” he said. “We’ll make the boat ready.”

I shoved the coin in my pocket, wondering what James was going on about.

“At daybreak, we set sail for the Gate of Gods.”

Chapter 7 – The Acceptance, by Miss Alister

Beginnings ch6 pg1 Beginnings ch6 pg2

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9 responses to “Chapter 6 – Revelation

  • Miss Alister

    This is brilliance! It rolls seamlessly on from Jules’ riveting C5. You tossed some dazzling shockers into your weaving-in of elements from past chapters. The lad having actually died when he fell into the drink makes C2 a very clever secret. The coin now bearing the lad’s likeness sends literal chills of the prophecy it carries. You kept alive the waterfall from C4 and dangled C3’s tempting “Ultimate Invincibility” back out there. And the set-up, what a killer set-up! No drum roll, we’re going straight in to the Gate of Gods! Bravo, Mark! You’ve loaded C6 chock full of bait that I can’t refuse and I want C7 bad! So I’ve sent a DM to our sea goddess, Cindy Vaskova: if she isn’t already hot after it, it’s mine!

    • Mark Gardner

      You wanna hear a secret? I’m an OK writer. But, when I get to rapping or collaborating on a story… Let’s just say it’s where I truly shine. Thanks for your lovely comments, Miss “A” lister.

      • Miss Alister

        YW! I think you’re far better than “OK,” but anyway, the rest is no secret. It’s obvious you do your most inspired work pinging off the ideas and inspiration of other writers. It’s the same with me, which is what happened with your “Beginnings.” Everything about it inspired the dickens out of me, and I thought I’d just have the one turn at it the way work is going… But look, here we go again: Jules’ blazing piece set you alight and me on fire to do C7. Which, btw, I will be doing. Cindy could use the extra time re: her uni schedule, then will pick up C8.

        So the Convergence characters will have to be put on hold for a bit. I’m sure they’ll be fine. Abithar is perking up, Marah’s wisdom is shining, and I know where Selah went and what I’m going to do next…pretty much!

      • Mark Gardner

        I’m lucky, I’m taking this semester off from Uni. I’ll go back and finish my undergraduate. I’m looking forward to both your chapter 6, and your additions to Convergence.

      • Miss Alister

        I got to thinking how presumptuous of me re: Convergence! Of course if anyone else wants to pick up the next bit, that’s absolutely fine with me : )

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  • Jules Smith

    Brilliant. I am LOVING this collaboration. That chapter rolled fabulously on. Great writing.

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