Interview #2

[541 words – #bekindrewrite #3WW Word-a-Week]Sometimes I wonder if Brenda brought me there to torture me. It was as if this were some sort of delayed retribution for what I did. I saw her as she was – knitting nooses. I know, I know, knitting nooses seems odd. After all, you would hardly think yarn would be something you could use to end someone’s life. I assure you, yarn can be woven into cords that are woven into rope. We all know what rope is used for in the gallows.

But, rest assured, Brenda did not knit a gallows’ noose. Her petite hands worked miniature nooses for a chilly dioramas. Hey, we all have our hobbies. I must admit to a certain morbid curiosity the first time I saw her working on a glorious rendering of one of our politicians. See, that’s the thing – no one wants to be a politician. You get your politician summons. You join the politician pool, and you hope you can convince the selection committee that being a politician will adversely impact your life or the life of those you care for. If you could get them to dismiss you under some vague criterion, you were safe for another four years.

Any way, enough of politics, back to Brenda. I struck up a conversation and, well, I think I was the first person to look past her hobby and actually talk to her. We dated for a few months, then we moved in together. She picked out the room that would house her dioramas. I avoided the room all together. I think she knew it kinda creeped me out. Anyway, back to her needing to torture me.

I met another woman. Her name was Kimberly. I wasn’t looking, I just happened upon a beautiful woman – a girl really – and her pumps and handbag matched mine. Our taste in dresses was different, but we definitely had similar style and taste. I guess I should’ve figured she might have the same taste in women as me, but, hey, hormones – ya know?

Anyway I slept with her, and guess what? Yep, you guessed it – Brenda slept with her too. The fight was epic. I know, I know, I was to blame just as much as the rest of them. I forced Kimberly to choose between Brenda and me. I was excited when Kimberly chose me. It was exciting to be wanted, ya know what I mean? Well Kimberly and I left. I got angry texts from Brenda for a day or two, then nothing. I didn’t read too much into it, but then her work called – she hadn’t been in in a few days. Kimberly and I went to the house Brenda and I shared. The house was in immaculate condition, but the door to her diorama room was open. I was apprehensive, but Kimberly urged me to go in.

I saw her hanging there by a noose she knitted. Kimberly didn’t react, but I’ll admit it: I screamed until my throat was raw. Here’s the thing you guys want to know: Kimberly took me by the hand and looked into my eyes. No sadness, no grief. She said, “Vanessa, now there’s nothing to get between us.”

Interview #2 – witnessed by officers Stenz and Johnson

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