Nala’s Story, Week 3 Review

I’m sure those of you keeping score have noticed I’ve posted 2,850 words for Nala’s Story this week, bringing the running total to 7,326. This puts me only a little shy of my weekly goal of 2.5k words, but of course I started with a deficit of two days, since I started on a Wednesday. Some of you have also noted in the comments that this story has many elements in common with 1001 Nights (that’s Arabian Nights for some of you.) So far, getting the story out has been relatively easy, but this next week, act two starts, and I’m not quite envisioning it the way it should. I guess that’s the nature of a first draft, stumbling around trying to make the story do what you think it should.

While writing, my normal writing music had been distracting me. I found myself listening to the lyrics, and a word or two from a song ended up in the story. While not a big deal, (I’ve been known to steal a poignant line from other sources.) I wasn’t getting the vibe I was looking for. I’ve discovered, through Amazon Prime Music, a few orchestral/rock/industrial artists that do mostly instrumentals. I’ve found that the epic, almost movie soundtrack feeling I get from these tunes has pushed the narrative a little. So far I’m really enjoying Two Steps From Hell & Future World Music. Give ‘em a listen and let me know if you have any recommendations.

By the way, It looks as if the last installment of Nala’s Story was my 400th post!

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