Writers of the Future, Volume 31


The future is here…the future is now! Orson Scott Card, Kevin J. Anderson and Larry Niven have seen the future. Now, you can, too. A constellation of the brightest lights in the Science Fiction and Fantasy firmament have judged these authors to be the best, the brightest, the truest emerging stars in the field. From Alien Invasion to Alternate History, from Cyberpunk to Comic Fantasy to Post-Apocalyptic Worlds, these are the winning writers who have mastered every version and vision of sci-fi and fantasy. Don’t be left behind. Get a read on what’s next.

As always, WOTF, volume 31 is full of excellent stories. I wanted to highlight my three favorite stories in no particular order:

The God Whisperer, by Daniel J Davis reminds me of the best parts of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman: The absurd humor of a God living in modern times and interacting with us mere mortals.

Rough Draft, by Kevin J. Anderson & Rebecca Moesta speaks to me directly as a writer. The authors seemed to cram all the insecurities about writing into a concise short story. I wonder if current debut blockbusters like Andy Weir feel the same way as the story’s character, Mitchell Coren.

Half Past, by Samantha Murray is an amazing short. The premise is fun, and the life lesson at the end of this story, whether intentional or not, is a powerful one. Out of all the stories I’ve read thus far, this one seemed to resonate the most.

Volume 31 does contain the following non-fiction pieces:
Art, by L. Ron Hubbard Fiction Without Paper, by Orson Scott Card The Illustrators of the Future, by Bob Eggleton On the Direction of Art, by Bob Eggleton

I know these thoughts by some of the big names in Science Fiction have there place, and many people will find these interesting, I guess I just prefer my fiction and non-fiction to be separated. Perhaps if these four were an appendix or something, it wouldn’t have annoyed me as much. I’m still awarding this collection four stars, partly because of the three stories I highlighted, but also because all the stories really are fabulous.


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