Lots Happening

Lots happening here in rural Arizona.

I attended the PV Book Festival over the weekend. There were three panels, and I attended one and a half of them. The highlight was the older gentleman who wrote and edited his biography. He used the Q&A portion of one of the panels to promote his book. The panel moved on after allowing the guy to ramble for four or five minutes. He wasn’t happy about that, and sputtered and stormed out of the panel. Out of the thirty or forty authors there, I found about three that were a match, and I’ve asked them for review copies of their books for reviews and follow-up interviews. Two of the three have already replied and their books are already in the virtual TBR pile.

Nala’s Story is out to a beta reader. She’ll have it for two or three weeks (hopefully sooner) and after I take into account her advice, I’ll rewrite and pass it along to another trusted collogue. For more edits and rewrites. I’ve emailed Joel about line art, but with the time difference, I don’t expect to hear from him until tomorrow. I’ve written a few short chapters for another story in the Champion Standing universe. I’m not holding myself to the same schedule as Nala’s Story, so I’m unsure how long it’ll take me.

I’m looking forward to seeing Tomorrow Land this weekend with the entire family. Erika and I are also watching Wayward Pines on Fox. She read the books, but I haven’t. She grumbled a lot during the first episode last week. She hates it when a movie based on a book diverges. I don’t care as much, since they stand alone as works of art.

Less than two weeks until the 2015 Phoenix Comicon. I’m taking Anthony, and it’ll be his first con. We’re only going down Saturday morning. My press pass is good for the entire event, but I need to pay for him. Delilah Dawson has agreed to a selfie and a quick Q&A. We’re just trying to figure out the logistics. I asked Chuck Wendig and Sam Sykes as well, but they’ve not replied to my queries. I’m also hoping to see Natalie Wright, who I met at S.A.F.E. Con last year.

I hope everyone has a great summer. Do you have any plans you’d like to share with the group? Sound off in the comments.

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Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degrees in Computer Systems and Applications and Applied Human Behavior. View all posts by Mark Gardner

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