Blog Chain Letter Award – Part One.

Okay, I think these chain letter awards are stupid, but Adan Ramie tagged me, and I like Adan more than I hate chain letters. It’s one of those list ten things you love and ten things you hate, and then of course tag ten other bloggers, which I’m not going to do. I just didn’t have anything planned to blog about today, so here goes.

Ten things I love:

  • Chocolate! Duh, right? Who doesn’t love chocolate? What? You don’t like any kind of chocolate? You can unfollow now, no big deal.
  • Collaborative storytelling. I know you’re shocked, I mean I’ve never mentioned this. If you’d like to see some collaborative stuff I’ve done, check out The Beginings Project, The Timekeeper, or even Champion Standing.
  • I love getting my hair cut, and my van dyke trimmed/styled. What’s a Van Dyke, you ask? Most people refer to a Van Dyke as a goatee, but a goatee doesn’t have a moustache. Also, a Van Dyke is really any chin/upper lip combo that has shaved cheeks.
  • Women with agency. I learned what agency means by reading an interesting blog post by Chuck Wendig. I’ve always sought it out, but he put a label on it, and as you know, we’re a society of labels. I like strong flawed women in cinema, TV and books, who move the story forward instead of being eye candy or decoration. I despise the helpless maiden that needs saving.
  • Feedback from fans. Oh hellz yeah. I totally get a rockin’ high when one of you shoots me an email, of posts on the blog. It lets me know I’m not some crazy dude screaming on the street corner.
  • Books. Especially when I get to read them before they’re released. I like reading science fiction the most; followed by Dystopian, speculative fiction, alternate history, and young adult. I will also read chick lit, women’s fiction, and the occasional mystery or romance. I’ll read dead-tree versions, but I love the ease and availability of ebooks. My family runs three kindles and two iPads. My favorite time to read is the two hours after the kids and wife go to bed. If I own your book as a paperback, then I totally dig it. If I own your hardcover… hot damn youse awesome!
  • Video Games. I’m a sucker for Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Mario Brothers. I used to categorize Skylanders that way as well, but they went from an ingenious way to combine my love of gaming with my hoarding tendencies, er… I mean… my love of collecting things, but the last game was such an offensive money grab, that it has soured me from the franchise. I may consider the new Lego toys-to-life game. It looks awesome. Otherwise, I love RPGs and platformers, with the occasional racing game. Right now, I’m playing Splatoon with my daughter.
  • Magic: the Gathering. I know, you read that and you were compelled to scream “NERD!” I’ve been playing since almost the beginning. My card collection would be quite valuable if I were inclined to sell it. I own single rare cards that are worth more than some people’s entire collection. Since I played from the beginning, I got a lot of cards before the secondary market jacked up the prices. I played professionally for about three years. I was the number one player in Northern Arizona in several formats for many years. Alyssa and I usually go to Panda Express after work on Friday and play at a local card shop until it gets dark.
  • Hiking and biking. I used to do both hardcore, like three times a week. I’m fortunate that my daughter also likes rock climbing. Unfortunately, I injured my leg about two years ago, and I haven’t been the same since. My wife averages some crazy amount per month. I think her ten-month rolling total is like 1,400 miles walked.
  • I love music. Heavy metal is my favorite, but I can’t stand bands that feel it necessary to do that death metal shout grumble thing. I want to understand your lyrics so I can steal them for a story. I also like symphonic, industrial, trance, rock and pop.

Okay, there are ten things I like. I’m gonna totally milk this topic and do part two tomorrow, so I don’t have to come up with anything.

About Mark Gardner

Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degrees in Computer Systems and Applications and Applied Human Behavior. View all posts by Mark Gardner

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