New YA Project

Hey y’all! I’ve been working on this YA novel thing for a couple weekends now. I slammed through the first 8,000 words, and then stalled. I skipped ahead in the story to another part I was excited to write, and I was able to write another 7,000 (about 1k short from what I planned.) That writing gave me the ending in true Gardner fashion. Now I have to figure out the muddy middle. By writing the end, I pretty much have a skeleton of what needs written, but I’m still floundering.

The crazy part is that I now have an idea for a sequel, but I’m terrible at writing sequels. I tend to lose interest in the story unless it’s super popular or someone wants to give me an advance for it. (Who wouldn’t, right?)

I’m going to struggle through getting some words down this weekend. I don’t know if I’ll finish the rough draft, but I’m hoping to be finished by the following weekend. This will be my third attempt at writing YA, and the furthest I’ve gotten thus far. If you haven’t already, check out the projects page an read what I’ve got so far.

I was hoping to make it novel length, but I suspect it’ll be around 25k. If I do manage to get a second story done, it’ll likely be the same length, so together they’ll meet the requirements for Kindle Scout. Heck, I don’t know what’ll happen. I so want to finish this novella, but it’s gonna be rough.

I didn’t meet my word count goal this last weekend, but I’m not crazy concerned, because I know I’ll eventually get something done, and then the editorial process will make the middle not terrible. I’m also not getting down on myself, because that’s defeatist behavior, and to reveal how ancient I am, I’ll throw the following quote out there: “Homie don’t play ‘dat.” A colleague of mine is doing a daily pod cast with writing prompts, and he addressed this very issue on his first broadcast. If you’re feeling down on yourself for your writing prowess, check out Jason Z over at

Anyway. You’ve seen the art in thumbnail form. Long-time readers remember this art was going to be used for a now defunct project. I still love the cover by Clarissa at CT Cover Creations, so it’ll be repurposed for this project if I can think of a title for it. Here’s the high-resolution art for you to check out. Click on it to embiggen.


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