01 – The Secret in the Game

It’s been a while since the Body Rentals universe has seen any action. Chuck’s post over at terribleminds was to generate a random title and write. I finished at 616 words, so enjoy!

* * *

“Thank you for appearing on our program Mister President, I know our viewers are very interested in what you have to say.”

“It is my only hope that this transition from my administration to the next will be a smooth one – without partisan politics or infighting.”

“That is a very genial statement, considering your administration will continue business as usual if your party’s candidate is elected. There are many people out there who believe this country will not move forward unless the current administration is removed.”

“I have heard these rumblings as well, and I can only believe in the sacred institution that is the electoral process.

I suspect we will be revisiting these same issues in four or eight years, regardless of the outcome this November.”

“Well I sincerely hope your optimism of a potential changeover translates to those working in your administration.

Anyway, I know your time here is short, and I appreciate you taking the time to visit us in person.”

The president nodded sharply and smiled as the cameraperson indicated they were no longer live. The producer’s aides rushed to assist President Michaels remove his earpiece and microphone.

Secret Service monitored all actions made by these aides, ready to move if there was a threat. No threat was anticipated, but anticipation was what this business was all about.

President John Alexander Michaels turned to his press liaison and raised his eyebrows. “How was that Chris?”

“John, great segment. We will see what news bytes we get from this one.” Chris Farnze had been with John as his press liaison for many years before his presidency, even before John had been Vice President.

John served as President for ten years. He assumed the role of President after his predecessor had a fatal aneurysm at the end of her second year. There had been conspiracy theorists claiming John had been involved with her death, but, after exhaustive investigation, a congressional oversight committee cleared him and his staff of any wrongdoing. There were those in both parties who felt he should not be president, and had moved over the years to thwart his political agenda.

The fact he was affiliated with a different political party than the late president only fueled the rumors and speculation.

She had decided the only way to ensure victory over a four-way presidential race was to embrace the most prominent party, and she chose John to fill the role of mediator. He would never admit it, but he was glad she died. He wouldn’t have been able to tolerate another term with her, and running against her would have been political suicide. No, the path to the presidency had happened the only way it could have happened – and John Michaels would ensure his legacy, whatever the cost.

* * *

President John Michaels performed the motions while riding in his motorcade back to the White House. The limo he was riding left the group of identical limos. The maneuver was one he had done many times before. With no First Lady or children at the white house, he preferred working at a secret facility in Arlington. He knew what was expected of him, and although he had performed this feat many times before, he didn’t like to relinquish control. His late wife would have made comments about his ‘type-A’ personality, but all political candidates needed to have that personality – the people did not elect passive people to office.

As the limo entered an unmarked garage attached to an indistinct building, John rolled up his sleeve in preparation of his injection. As the limo parked, John sat on the awaiting gurney, and allowed the tech to inject him with the sedative.

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