Nala’s Story Almost Published


Hey all, you’ve likely already read my novelette, Nala’s Story from the posts here on the blog. I was feeling strong about the story based on feedback from my alpha readers, so I committed to a KDP release date. (Like anyone’s going to preorder it anyway!) I got some recent feedback from some beta readers, and I’m getting anxious about the story. So, I’m in dire need of beta readers who can turn around their reads by Friday. I know it’s short notice, but I need to have the final manuscript turned in the following Monday (the 10th.) I’m looking for full reads, partial reads, chapter reads, and blurb assistance.

I’m looking for plot issues, grammar, and spelling. I ad a few readers respond that they were confused as to what was happening. and they weren’t hooked by the fifth or sixth chapters.

I can send a docx with track changes, a PDF, or an electronic book (epub, mobi, etc) You can also email me directly. The email link should be to your right under a photo of a devilishly handsome guy who got fat and doesn’t look like that any more. Please only request a copy if you can turn around 14,500 words by Friday. I’m also hoping that you readers will be able to leave feedback on Amazon on the day of release.

Help me followers! (I’m visualizing the scene from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – “Avenge me, Hemp Knight!”)

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