Victorious Maiden & Other Happenings

So, as of yesterday, I’ve posted 29k words for Victorious Maiden. I like to pants the beginning of my stories, then when I know I want to keep going, I outline what I already have, and jot down the general story direction. I know I want to finish and publish Victorious Maiden, and 29k is more than half way, so I started doing my outline thing. I found out that I probably have not one story, but three companion novels. They aren’t direct sequels, but all take place in the same universe. Sort of what Aurelia Rising and Nala’s Story are to Champion Standing.

The other thing going on in my immediate world is that my last semester at Northern Arizona University is like two weeks away. I’ll have my undergraduate degree in Applied Human Behavior with a certificate in Community Development and Sustainability. It’s been a long eight years, but I’ve somehow managed to hang in there. Anyway, I’m taking it easy vis-à-vis, writing and blogging.

Of course, for those of you paying attention, I’ll graduate in December, and have a new baby immediately afterward, so until I figure it all out, I’m gonna slow my roll. Next year should see the publication of 16Sunsets, and Aurelia Rising. I should be in the second Stories on the Go anthology, and I’m hoping that my co-authors and I wrap up The Beginnings Project. (I’m looking at you, Miss A.)

You guys are great, and I know you’ll be cool with posts being more sporadic. In the mean time, check out this awesome cover concept for Victorious Maiden by the same artist that did covers for The Afflicted, and Forlorn Hope:


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Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degrees in Computer Systems and Applications and Applied Human Behavior. View all posts by Mark Gardner

5 responses to “Victorious Maiden & Other Happenings

  • Adan Ramie

    I’ve never considered the Pants-then-Plot, but I’m going to have to give it a try. I guess the third book in the insane trilogy I’ve recently been planning could use a storyline…

    • Mark Gardner

      I like the pants-then-plot because pantsing allows me to feel the story, then the plotting allows me to figure out the muddy middle. If I plot too much, it becomes a college writing assignment, and if I pants too much, the story has no direction.

      By the way, how’s Maladaptation coming along? You haven’t posted anything about it lately.

      • Adan Ramie

        I feel the same way. I’ve tried heavy plotting before, and that took ALL the fun out of the discovery. But without any sort of outline in mind, I end up with the Maladaptation conundrum — rewriting the same story over and over until it has an actual working plot. LOL I actually have an announcement coming soon about that.

  • The Pants Plot and a Maladaptation Update | Bleed onto the Page

    […] about the age old question: Plot or Pants? He wrote about one of his current works-in-progress, Victorious Maiden, and how he solves the Plot/Pants dilemma. Ingeniously, he combines them to suit his particular […]

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