Kindle Scout Campaign for 16Sunsets


Hello teh interwebs! (Stupid autocorrect kept fixing my intentional misspelling of ‘the.’)

16Sunsets has been the long grind, and it’t finally ready for a Kindle Scout campaign. I’m sure most of you are already aware of what KS is, but here’s a refresher:

Kindle Scout is Amazon Publishing’s slush pile. People like you and me nominate books we’d like to see them pick up and publish with a $1,500 advance and a 50% royalty rate. Amazon has some mysterious wording on what books they actually pick up, and having the most nominations doesn’t necessarily guarantee a contract, but since they’re so secretive about everything, no one really knows what is going on. Unlike some other reader-nominated contests, you don’t have to sign up for anything or create a new account, because your Amazon credentials allows you to nominate. If 16Sunsets is contracted by Amazon, everyone who nominated it will get a free copy when it’s published.

In the words of Princess Leia, “Help me interwebs, you’re my only hope!”

The 16Sunsets Kindle Scout Campaign starts November 4th, 2015:

*Yes, you all know I like Star Trek over Star Wars, but I can’t think of a great Star Trek quote that I could slot in there.

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