What’s the haps?


I’ll tell you what the haps is: Forlorn Hope is gonna be an audiobook. Juan and I wrapped up production on November 30th, and we’re just waiting for the audio to pass quality control. Juan has already started recording audio for Body Rentals. When I checked an hour or two ago, he had three chapters posted for my review. Escape is also getting audiobook treatment, but the narrator is having technical issues that we’re trying to figure out.


I’m still hoping to get Eduardo to narrate Champion Standing and Nala’s Story. I’m going to run a kickstarter to try to raise the $1000 to pay Eduardo. If it happens, then he’ll rock it. If not, I’ll need to convince Juan to do it. He sez that there are too many characters, especially same-gender characters having a conversation. I heard the voice I wanted in very specific phrases and wording from the Forlorn Hope sessions. I think it’ll still work with a small rewrite of the dialog tags. We’ll see what happens.

Let’s see, what else? Oh yeah, the blog has returned to it’s regularly scheduled programming, at least until Aubrey arrives in less than six weeks. I’m hoping for December 31st for tax purposes. I’ve been having a lot of fun making book covers for people. I think I’m actually getting pretty good. Before, I had the vision, and often I couldn’t execute. What I made still worked, but it wasn’t true to my vision. Erika gets on me about spending too much time making covers for people instead of writing or getting paid, but hey, if I can help someone book then it’s not wasted time. Besides, the practice means I’ll improve for my own covers.

In other news, I’m writing my first murder mystery. I’m like 22k into it. I’ve been getting some great feedback, and I’m an attention whore, so I’m compelled to keep writing for that sweet, sweet feedback. Oh, I think I’ve convinced Greg Dragon and David Kristoph to collaborate on a space disaster story next year. Paul Angel and I still need to wrap up our Brass Automaton collaboration, and Linn Fergus and I need to get Warmache submitted to Tor.

Anyway, that’s the haps from Arizona, peace out, yo.

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Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degrees in Computer Systems and Applications and Applied Human Behavior. View all posts by Mark Gardner

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