On the Meldon Plain, by Pam Brondos


Natalie Barns is falling apart. Since returning from Fourline, she’s tried desperately to focus on the world in front of her—the one of classes, money, and family. But the wound in Natalie’s shoulder from her final encounter with the Nala radiates pain constantly throughout her days, while her nights are tormented by terrifying dreams of the Nala—and of Soris, the rebel fighter she failed to protect. Seeking refuge from what plagues her, Natalie returns to the costume shop and discovers her wound is much more dangerous than she ever could have imagined. What she learns sets her on an inexorable path back to the kingdom of Fourline. If she’s to have a chance of survival, she must confront Soris’ fate and the fears that have been festering in her heart—or the Nala remnant will change her life forever.

I had high expectations for On the Meldon Plain, because Gateway to Fourline was so good. I was not disappointed. The story picks up shortly after book one ended, and was focused more on Nat, and Soris, than the rest of the rebels. A new threat is revealed, and this book sets up The Last Remnant nicely. The ending of this book was satisfying, and I look forward to reading book three in May. Books one and two are free to Kindle Unlimited members, so read them.

Pam Brondos

Pam Brondos grew up in Wyoming and watched her mom write novels on a manual typewriter. She graduated from St. Olaf College, worked in Shanghai, China and received her Juris Doctor from the University of Wyoming College of Law.


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