Champion Standing Audiobook Kickstarter Campaign

About this project

Author Mark Gardner and narrator Edoardo Camponeschi are teaming up to bring fans of Wuxia an exciting new audiobook adventure with Champion Standing.

What is Wuxia?

Wuxia (武俠) is a Chinese form of literature that has branched out to film and video games. Wuxia is full of martial arts, sword fighting, and a code of honor. Martial arts novels and movies are nothing new in the west, but author Mark Gardner has stuck with the traditional Kishōtenketsu method of storytelling.

Who is Mark Gardner?

Mark Gardner is a short fiction author living in Arizona. Primarily, he focuses on science fiction, dystopian, and flash fiction. Popular works Mark has worked on are the post-apocalyptic Forlorn Hope, the body-swapping technothriller, Body Rentals, and the upcoming War of the Worlds sequel, Retaliation. Mark’s body of work has four-star ratings across the board on Amazon, and two audiobooks are already available.

Who is Edoardo Camponeschi?

Edoardo Camponeschi is the head of the menestrandise recording studio, which has produced English-language audiobooks such as:

Insania Æterna
Silence on Monte Sole
The Svalbard Passage
Blood Soup
Kewu Renegade Alien
Hello Darkness

Praise for Champion Standing:

“Anyone looking for a fast-paced tale of intriguing action, an underdog story that will leave you glued to the page, should look no further than Mark Gardner’s ‘Champion Standing’.” -Amazon starred review.

“Mark Gardner has done an excellent job creating an ancient world, preserving the customs and traditions of the past while creating an entirely unique story.” -Amazon starred review.

Text blurb:

One man struggles to live honorably in a world filled by men without honor.

Disgraced Chinese warrior, Liao, is a mercenary for the Kingdom of Kush. In an unprecedented decision, the Chancellor of the Han Dynasty has permitted Liao to fight in a tournament against the best warriors the empire has to offer. His presence in the epic event could restore Liao’s honor.

Liao’s foes claim he has no place in the prestigious tournament. Some want his defeat in the arena, while others wish him dead by any means necessary. If Liao hopes to triumph, he must evade assassination attempts, best other competitors, and expose the plots of a Roman general bent on disrupting the tournament and plunging the Han Dynasty into a civil war.

Champion Standing is a fantasy novel blending non-stop action and memorable characters in a tale of betrayal and redemption.

Risks and challenges:

ACX lists the average time to produce a “pay for production” audiobook as 60 days. This is even one of the stipulations when ACX adds a stipend to a royalty share production. I’ve already produced two other audiobooks with another narrator, and both were completed in about three weeks, and Edo is an accomplished audiobook producer, so I don’t expect any complications in the production.

If, however, there is an issue, I still have an additional two months to get another narrator from ACX. With the $1000 remaining after Kickstarter’s cut, and fees, a replacement narrator could be found quickly, but I don’t expect this to be an issue – Edo is looking forward to producing this audiobook, and I’m excited to be working with him.

For those backers that are to receive a hard cover version of Champion Standing, they are already on hand. I’ve limited these reward levels to to make sure production and shipping costs are minimal.

About Mark Gardner

Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degrees in Computer Systems and Applications and Applied Human Behavior. View all posts by Mark Gardner

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