Born of Sand, by David Kristoph


It was at the top of a sand dune, yellow haze blowing away in all directions, when the woman decided to die. But when she’s captured at the last moment and denied escape, she must find a way to adapt and prove her worth as more than just a helpless prisoner. Meanwhile, Farrow’s ragtag group of Freemen are caught between the manipulative Children of Saria and ruthless Melisao Peacekeepers. After being abandoned by his benefactors, can Farrow find a way to retake Praetar from its occupiers–and keep his men and women alive in the process?

I’ve been a David Kristoph fan since I read the second book in the Tales of a Dying Star (TOADS) series. The Empire’s stranglehold on Praetar may finally be over, if the Freemen can just hold out long enough until reinforcements arrive.

Characters from previous stories make appearances in TOADS #5, and the ending is shocking. All the clues were in the first four books, but I just didn’t put them together until the reveal at the end.

It’s nice that each story in the series reinforces what I’ve read in previous books, and the rich history and storytelling continues in TOADS #5. I look forward to the next book, and if Kristoph ever decided to write something outside of the TOADS universe, I’d be an eager reader.

I feel that TOADS #5 was the best book of the series, and Kristoph’s storytelling continues to impress. Born of Sand is a 4.5-star read, and I wholeheartedly recommend reading the entire series.

David Kristoph

David Kristoph lives with his wonderful wife and two not-quite German Shepherds. He’s a fantastic reader, great videogamer, good chess player, average cyclist, and mediocre runner. He writes mostly Science Fiction and Fantasy. Check out his work if you want to help pay for his beer.


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