Days Until Home – Introduction


Only a week to go before Days Until Home. That’s March 16th for those who’re currently sans calendar. This is going to be a fun collaboration between myself, David Kristoph, and Greg Dragon. Here’s the dealio on our 21-week web serial:

The serial will run each Wednesday, starting with David, followed by Greg, and finally I’ll wrap up the cycle. We’ll each write this space disaster web series, alternating chapters. David is doing the miners, Greg is doing the bridge crew, and I’m doing the engineers.

I was in a Burger King yesterday, and one of the managers was asking about the project. He insisted that “Scotty” was overdone, and I should maybe consider an Australian engineer named Jeremy (his name.) Well, I’m a good sport, and love you fans dearly, so, at least, one of my characters will be an Australian engineer named Jeremy.

So, the basic premise is that a spaceship is on a mining mission to the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The mining is all done, and the ship is preparing to head back to home to Earth. DISASTER! Something blows up, the ship is disabled, and a bunch of the crew is driftwood. Think Gravity but cooler. Because hey, if my girl Sandy B. were on our ship, we wouldn’t have a problem, right? (BBT reference!) Now, each of us is going to assume that our faction is responsible for the disaster. We’re not going to say precisely that we did it, but we’ll be dropping red herrings, and our POV will be that we’re the bad guys.

But we don’t know who done it. You guys will vote around week fifteen or so on who you think done it. Whatever faction gets the most votes is the faction that done it. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. Of course, we invite you all to let us know how the serial is going in the comments. You’ll have fifteen weeks to gauge the story, and make suggestions, etc, but when the votes are tallied, we’ll have our villains.

This 21-week epic is going to be… well, epic. It’ll be fascinating to see how our styles mesh. David is crazy with the outlining. Even his bullet points have bullet points. His Tales of a Dying Star series is a taut and concise five-book adventure you should check out right away. You all know I’m a total pantser. Click on the projects page to see all the rough stuff I’ve started but have yet to complete. I scoff at outlines! (Except David’s, he insisted I not scoff at his outline for this project.) Greg is somewhere between David and me. Be sure to check out Greg’s Vestalia series. David and Greg are both long-form writers, and I’m a short fiction/flash fiction kind of guy. They’re both tasty humans, and I’m a sentient drinks machine… no, wait. Ignore that last one. (Yes, that was a nod to Sir Terry Pratchett, RIP.)

Anyway, we hope that fans of them will become fans of mine and all the permutations and combinations of that statement. (Nerd joke!) I could draw a Venn diagram, but that would be stupid. You all know about me, so here are the public bios of David and Greg (I managed to get ahold of their driver’s license photos):

David Kristoph

David Kristoph lives with his wonderful wife and two not-quite-German Shepherds. He’s a huge reader, great video gamer, good chess player, average cyclist, and mediocre runner. He’s also a member of the Planetary Society, patron of StarTalk Radio, amateur astronomer and general space enthusiast. He writes Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Techno-Thrillers. Check out his work if you want to help pay for his beer.



Greg Dragon brings a fresh perspective to fiction by telling human stories of life, love and relationships in a science fiction setting. This original author spins his celestial scenes from an imagination nurtured by being an avid reader himself. His exposure to multiple cultures, multiple religions, martial arts, and travel lends a unique dynamic to his stories. You can enjoy excerpts from his work by visiting his website.


I guess I’d better add my bio in case David and Greg decide to reblog & retweet. **wink, nudge**


Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degree in Computer Systems and Applications and is currently attending Northern Arizona University, enrolled in the undergraduate Applied Human Behavior program.


About Mark Gardner

Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degrees in Computer Systems and Applications and Applied Human Behavior. View all posts by Mark Gardner

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