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Days Until Home starts this Wednesday. David Kristoph leads the way, and Greg Dragon and I won’t get to see it until it posts here. I’m excited to see how this story unfolds over the next 21 or so weeks. Be sure to comment. We’ll all see your feedback and will consider everything. The serial will be revised, and we should see it published next year to take advantage of any interest we get following the release of the War of the Worlds sequel.


The sequel to 16Sunsets is currently being drafted. Cindy Vaskova is co-writing it with me, and we spent last week spit-balling ideas for the sequel. We’re already two chapters into the vomit draft, and it feels like it’s going to be as much fun to write as 16Sunsets. A lot of familiar characters from book one are already in the first two chapters. We’ve already come up with the title bar, and the beginning of the noir cover. I’ve emailed Joel Cotejar with my ideas for the Moonrise cover.


I’ve already written two chapters for the new YA novel I’m working on. You can expect that one to continue every Friday until it’s done. I still don’t have a name for it or a cover, so the art you see is a placeholder. I don’t expect any issues with the chapters except for the weeks that I’m writing my chapters for the Days Before Home web serial. I do have a few rough outlines for three more chapters, so maybe the projects won’t conflict. I did toy with the idea of Mental State, and if I do. I have a cover already designed.


I’m revising the vomit draft for Score of Silence. The first fifteen chapters only required minor rewrites, with the exception of chapter thirteen. As for the remaining ten chapters, only three of those remaining ten chapters will be as easy, the remaining seven will need a bunch of work, but revising this one in low on my list. This one I’m going to shop actively to a few of the traditional publishers. Even though the revision of the end of the story are going to be a pain, I still think writing this was a valuable learning experience.


D. Paul Angel and I are working on revising the Brass Automaton novella. We’ll be looking for any plot holes and any story threads that were abandoned during the first draft. We’re solid at 26,000 words, and I don’t expect significant increases in word count. The art for both the paperback and the ebook are already done, so once Paul and I are satisfied, we’ll most likely self-publish since the length is hard to sell to a publisher.


Linn Fergus and I are still waiting to hear back from TOR on including Warmache in one of their science fiction anthologies. If they pass on it, we will probably self-publish it on Kindle Direct and Kindle Unlimited like I did for Nala’s Story, Escape, and Paradox. I’m hoping we’ll have an audiobook version out as soon as possible, and you can expect a fall 2016 release for the ebook if TOR passes. I’m not sure if we’ll keep this temporary cover art.

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