Moonrise to 16Sunsets or Vice Versa

I reblogged Cindy’s post, and then decided to copy and paste it. Stolen from the Wonky Pen:


If you haven’t already noticed there are two chapters to something called Moonrise shared on the blog, and it’s not just a random reblog, it’s an ongoing web series about superheroes that I am a part of. Hoorah! I am not procrastinating as much-ish. And besides superheroes are trendy now.

I am not very good at these types of blog posts but here we go. The hook.

Moonrise plays as a sequel to a novel called Sixteen Sunsets (you may have seen it as 16Sunsets) which is written by a long-distance friend and amazing prolific writer Mark Gardner of Article94 (seriously he has no stopping and the energy of a YouTuber). I highly recommend you go and read that first, because Spoilers (nailed that Doctor Who reference). It’s a great rollercoaster with many fresh faces, superpowers and lots of secrets regarding them. You can buy it from these places or have an unedited, somewhat hectic read, plus lots of cool extra stuff like interviews, hints and book covers here.

If you have already read or followed the progress of Sixteen Sunsets from web series on the blog to the novel that it is now, bravo to you! All the more – if you liked it and if you’re incredibly curious what happens next to the main characters come read Moonrise.

It’s going to be a handful – it’s going to be action packed, there’ll be intrigues, hacking, secrets of historical proportions, mass manipulation, a ton of people emerging with various, crazy superpowers, and add to that a creepy, overpowered little girl.

If you are a fan of those sorts of things, welcome to Moonrise!

In a quick summary what Sixteen Sunsets leaves unanswered, Moonrise perhaps will unravel. Where Sixteen Sunsets left destinies unknown, Moonrise perhaps will shine a light. Where characters failed in Sixteen Sunsets, perhaps they shall prevail in Moonrise. Whom Sixteen Sunsets marked as baddies, perhaps Moonrise will redeem. Or vice versa.

It’s an incredible fun to write and continue in the spirit and charm that Sixteen Sunsets put forth and I’m honored and flattered that Mark thought of me when he was planning on Moonrise.

Follow his blog or watch this space because I will be reblogging all of the chapters regardless. Chapters will be posted every week on Monday on Mark’s website. You can get the news first by following Mark’s Twitter @Article_94 . He has a ton of brilliant ongoing projects and I’m sure that if you’re not into superheroes you can stay busy and entertained with any of his other works, some of which he is co-authoring with as many as 3 other writers. You can check the sci-fi, horror, slice of life, steampunk, historical, fantasy projects here.

Thank you for reading and I hope I’ll see you in Moonrise!

About Mark Gardner

Mark Gardner lives in northern Arizona with his wife, three children and a pair of spoiled dogs. Mark holds a degrees in Computer Systems and Applications and Applied Human Behavior. View all posts by Mark Gardner

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