Quanta Reset, by Lola Dodge


Quanta has escaped her laboratory prison, but that’s where the good news ends. Life at the Shadow Ravens’ compound is a disaster. She’s drowning in visions of the dark pasts and darker futures of her fellow Ravens and is plagued by her own panic-inducing memories, but Lady Eva still expects her to “train” and “participate in missions.” Plus, the food tastes like burnt plastic. The only bright spot is her genetic pairing to the brilliant Altair Orpheus. As their relationship grows, she’s positive that chemicals aren’t the only things drawing them together—although chemistry is definitely involved. While they test the limits of her game-changing new ability to reset time, word arrives from Eva’s agents: Doctor Nagi is still experimenting with her DNA. If he succeeds in duplicating her power… Forget the Shadow Ravens. The whole world is toast.

I enjoyed Quanta, so when I saw Quanta Reset on NetGalley, I requested it right away.

The Good: This is an excellent continuation of the Shadow Ravens series. Like book two, the writing is tense, fast-paced, and there is a surprise or two for long-time science fiction readers.

The Bad: I get the point of view switching. It’s a common trope in fiction, but I didn’t care at all about Tair’s POV. He’s important to the story insomuch that his interaction with Quanta is significant, but he’s such a bore. I was glad that the Tair chapters were shorter than the Quanta chapters. Reading his POV was akin to eating green beans – I do it because it’s expected of me, but what I want are steak and potatoes.

The Beautiful: The Shadow Ravens is such a fun and well-written series. I didn’t read book #1, but fans of Cipher will be glad to see her in Quanta Reset.

The Final Word: Without a doubt, Quanta Reset is a five-star read. It publishes next Tuesday, so you better get it. If you haven’t read Quanta already, do so. As of the writing of this review, Cipher is free on Amazon and Quanta is $0.99.


Lola Dodge is nomadic and has lived in New Zealand, France, the Czech Republic, and Taiwan. Her current base is Chiang Mai, Thailand, where she spends her days eating excessive amounts of coconut and trying to avoid heat stroke. She grew up in Upstate NY (Salt potatoes! Apple cider donuts!), got a degree in English Lit and German at Stonehill College, and an MFA in writing popular fiction at Seton Hill University. She doesn’t like bacon, coffee, beer, the sun, or fireworks. Instead, give her tea, vodka drinks, air-conditioning, and anything sweet. She’s a proud part of the writing roster at Ink Monster publishing, where she collaborates on the Shadow Ravens and Alpha Girls series. Her other fiction is represented by Rebecca Strauss at DiFiore and Company Literary Agency. Some days she hates writing and some days she loves it, but she can’t imagine doing anything else (even though she works at the pace of a sloth on sleeping pills.)


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