Moonrise CH20 – Insignificant Other


[1078 words – Inspiration Monday, #3WW, Sunday Scribblings 2]It took longer than was needed for Doctor Globe’s motorcade to reach its destination. Globe sighed more than once as his driver stopped to allow the ambulances to catch up to the limousine. Onlookers were kept at bay from the compound with the double fence and razor wire, but each gap between vehicles allowed the crowd to flow back across the gate. Globe’s men corralled the people away from the road and allowed the ambulances to follow.

Once inside the lab, Globe again had to wait. The bodies had to be prepped before entering the impromptu “morgue” his team built a few days before securing the “bodies.” Despite the sterile whiteness of the small tent hidden in the basement space next to his lab, the Madison Park Massacre victims emanated a pale blue light that seemed to shine brighter against the stark material surrounding them. Everywhere the blue light touched, coldness permeated. The tent swam in it. Globe shivered when he entered, but he regarded the quaking as a pleasant feeling, and not the icy fingers that many of his underlings referred to it as. They didn’t know that the frigidity meant that Silas and Bree’s powers had done their magic.

A short man in a lab coat and a thin mustache approached Globe. Other than the facial hair from a bygone era, there was nothing special about the little man. He extended his hand, and Globe reluctantly shook it.

“Doctor Lee,” Globe intoned, keeping up appearances.

“Doctor Globe.”

Globe rubbed his fingers together after Lee released them. He used the same hand to wave at the rows of white cots arranged in rows. “How are our patients?”

“Stable. All their vitals are in the green. There are no indications of them waking up anytime soon. We’ll be carefully monitoring the-” Lee struggled for the right word, “-coma, but if any need appears to reassure the effect…”

“I’ll take care of that.” Globe turned his attention away from the tiny bodies on the cots and scrutinized Doctor Lee. “Your job, Doctor, is to make sure these people remain asleep.”

Doctor Lee shrunk from Globe’s jarring gaze but rallied and then cleared his throat. “I have to wonder Doctor Globe, how long before the relatives and parents begin asking questions. They will want the bodies back to bury, and we surely can’t release the subjects, nor deny them.”

Globe crossed his arms over his chest. “I can postpone as many times as I please. I have promised results, but never said anything about my timetable. As long as these subjects here are believed to be deceased, then there is no immediate hurry. The children are to be tested regularly. I’m curious to see how Bree’s power affects them after prolonged exposure. Make sure we understand how to harness her power in an efficient manner.” Globe moved toward Lee, towering over him. “I don’t want any mistakes, Doctor.

The honorific didn’t hold the respect that was usually reserved for bearers of the title, but if Lee took offense, he had the sense to conceal it. The shorter man nodded, and replied, “The samples will be small at first. The small sample size will lead to insufficient data to be collected, but…”

“Regardless,” Globe interrupted Lee’s excuses. “We have to start somewhere. And Doctor, no one besides the people authorized to work on this project will be aware of this. Now if you’ll excuse me.”

Globe left Doctor Lee with his mouth slightly agape. Globe disliked the irritable little man and his Napoleon complex, but he was a brilliant scientist. Globe was confident that Lee knew to keep his mouth shut even though the good doctor occasionally found his voice. Globe was thankful that those bouts of backbone were only in his presence, but if Lee proved to be untrustworthy now, Globe had ways of making a person obey. The headache from earlier had subsided completely. Everything was working according to plan: the city was in peril, and it needed his help. Help that he offered generously enough. He was on the path to understanding Bree’s power and perhaps even duplicating it. A few rooms away, Kristof and Peter were showing promising results. Globe smiled. The supers in the city were going to face their end soon enough.

Globe waited for the elevator to descend to the lab level and rode it up in silence. In the lobby, four floors above, Anne was waiting for him.

“I hope the events from the morning haven’t stirred any negativity between you and me,” Globe announced when the elevator doors opened. Anne, in her red skirt and shirt, was sipping a martini. Globe gazed at her stretched out on the white leather sofa and admired her beauty once again.

She looked up. “I was surprised, that’s all. Mostly by this Silas character.”

Globe sat next to her and poured himself a neat scotch. “Silas has been very helpful. I want you to behave around him. I know he isn’t Justin but…”

Anne slammed her unfinished drink on the table, breaking the thin glass stem. “If you’re thinking of pairing him with me then you have gone mad. I choose who I work with, not anybody else, especially not you!”

Globe seized her by the throat. His palm encircled the fine curves of Anne’s white skin. “You’ll do as I say. You keep forgetting that, Anne, and it makes me sad.” Globe eased his grip on her, and his thumb caressed her jaw line. “I know just how much you loved Justin and how much you miss him. He cannot be replaced, but I need someone trustworthy who has your back out there. Silas is just the right person for that. You’ll get used to him.” He winked. “You may even find you like the young man.”

Anne fumed. He could feel how hot she was under his touch. He worried that her heat had somehow infected him. She was burning up and probably curious enough to see how his blood would sit on her hands. Globe released her and finished his drink in one gulp. “Why don’t you take the rest of the day off? Do something fun. Relax. Then we can talk about furthering our plan.”

“What are you going to do?” Anne asked.

“Visit our most precious subjects. Kristof is showing some very, very interesting spikes.” Anne couldn’t meet his eyes. She looked away as Globe strode confidently back to the elevator.

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