Moonrise CH24 – New Friends


[1034 words – Inspiration Monday, #3WW, Sunday Scribblings 2, The Writing Reader, #SOCS]“By our way, you mean the supers way? Fighting with goddamn superpowers! Do you understand how much damage that will cause to this city, to its people? Do you even care?”

Anne rose purposefully from her chair and pointed a finger at him. She moved with such unhinged ferocity that Massey flinched from an invisible blow. “That’s how war has always been fought. Don’t you presume to sit down and teach me the history of war! I’ve lived through them all. I know the stakes, I know the price!”

He focused on Anne’s hips as she rounded the counter, her long legs carrying her aimlessly through the constricted space. Massey didn’t know much about her; just skin crawling tidbits and what they shared in their forbidding encounters. The woman before him was a complete stranger, with tendencies of fiery passion. The way she stood with her frame dipped in shadow and only partial bleak light she looked every bit the many-faced goddess of rebirth. Massey slumped back, defeated by her presence and wondered with a faint stupid smile on his lips whether somewhere in time someone had worshiped her as a goddess. He wasn’t even referring to symbolism. She’d been someone’s mother, wife, and sister. He wondered what a palmist would make of her lifeline… if he believed in that sort of thing. She was a warrior and even though that aspect of her character had been asleep for thousands of years, it was awake now. The idea of an immortal watching human history and playing her role gave him notion sickness. Massey spoke softly knowing he had nothing to shield from her. “I understand what you’re saying. I can’t walk in your shoes, and I don’t claim to know many of the things that are happening now. But want is a damaging war. You reminisce of a different age with different rules. You can’t just burn the entire city to flush out one rat and his tails. People’ll get hurt, innocent people and I can’t allow that.”

Anne glared at Massey, a hot flame dancing in her eyes. “I know how this world works, Frank. I’ve fought for it many times. I will fight again. War is war, and it is bloody no matter what. I called you here because I need friends. I can’t do this alone. If we are smart about it, no innocents will be hurt.”

Massey nodded his head in agreement.

Anne continued, “Globe is planning something massive. It’s already in motion. He has a small team of supers working under his influence. He’s tracking down more supers, bringing them in and using them for some sort of experiment. They never leave his laboratory.”

Massey, deep in thought, stared at Anne. “His laboratory… Does he keep you privy to all that?”

Anne shook her head. “Only as much as he needs to.” She sighed. “Frank, he has Kristof and Peter strapped down in that lab. Whatever he’s doing it’s connected to them both.”

“What would your guess be?”

“If he wipes out all of the supers he’s clear of any danger from them if they try rising against him. But it’s more than that. I think Globe wants to install a new world order. His supers, his genetics. New powers mean new dangers. He’ll rule over us all.”

“Jesus fucking Christ, Anne. Why didn’t you stop him before all this started? You have power.”

Anne cocked her head to the side. Her eyes seemed to lose focus as if she remembered a long ago event.

“Anne?” Massey whispered.

“It’s not that simple. I can’t harm him, not while so many supers surround him. I need to take them out one at a time, remove them from his grasp. I need Joaquin, and I need you with the SPD.”

“I trust a few officers, they’ll help. But the feds are obviously on his payroll, ” Massey replied.

“Figures. They’ll keep a close watch on you if you make any moves, but there are ways to do things off the radar.”

“I’m a cop, Anne. I do things by the book.”

Anne shook her head, golden locks falling over her olive eyes. “I’ve known hundreds of men like Globe. They don’t fall on their back without a fight, and that fight is dirty, quick and unexpected. ‘By the book’ isn’t an option and it isn’t smart.”

Massey spread his hands in surrender. “What’ve you got?”

Anne smiled. “I’ve been working on something. Something underground. First, I need your assurance that Joaquin is prepared.”

Massey sighed. “Lord knows the boy is eager to be a soldier. This fight is his too, but I don’t want him to get hurt.”

Anne blinked. “He can’t get hurt. Literally.”

“I know, I know. I just want him to have a normal life.”

“He can’t. And why should he? He’s of an ancient lineage that has succeeded in great things, and he’s just discovering what his capabilities are. You can’t stop him from exploring. He will make the best choice for himself. Eventually. You need to trust him on that… Whatever his choice is.”

Massey narrowed his eyes at her. “You sound like one of them.”

Anne smirked. “Those are just the facts darling. Joaquin is a very special boy, and I need him in my corner. So is he ready?”

Massey nodded rubbing his temples where a headache had started to build. “Yeah, he is.”

Anne paused, and Massey figured she was deciding whether to trust him with another secret. He didn’t need his years of training in observation to know that this secret was dear to her.

“As long as there are supers in this city Globe will grow strong. We need to lead them away to somewhere safe.”

Massey raised his hands in defeat. “How? There are probably thousands of supers in this city. How would you find them and convince them to leave?”

“That’s why I need you. The old subway tunnels would do the job. I can secure a boat too. I just need the means to find them before Globe does.”

Massey chuckled, fingers lazily rubbing against his stubble. “I think I may know someone who can help us with that.”

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