Population Control, by Greg Dragon


I received a free copy of Population Control by downloading it from Greg Dragon’s website. My understanding was that Population Control was a short story to be included in an anthology, but for some reason, the anthology didn’t happen.

I had high expectations from this short story since I enjoyed the Anstracter novels and the near-future android novels. The relationship between the main character and the people he interacts with is superb, as is the political undertow that permeates the lives of the characters. Greg Dragon has always written excellent characters and situations, and Population Control was no exception.

The story flowed smoothly until the ending. It was almost as if Greg got the word that the anthology was canceled, and decided just to wrap the story up. If this were an introduction to a series, I would’ve readily gotten that series, because I was left wanting more by the end of Population Control.

I’m a short fiction writer myself, so I can appreciate the economy of words, and the difficulty of adhering to low word counts. As it was, I was a little disappointed in this short story, which is frustrating, because I could see a lot of potential in this story, but it didn’t reach fruition. The writing is still solid, and I look forward to reading more Greg Dragon in the future. I’d rate this short story at 3 stars. Go to Greg’s site and download this story for free. It’s a great way to kill an hour and get introduced to an excellent writer.


Greg Dragon has been a creative writer for several years, and has authored on topics of relationship, finance, physical fitness and more through different sources of media. In particular, his online magazine has been a source of much pragmatic information, which has been helpful to many. As a result, his work continues to grow with a large and loyal fan base.

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