Moonrise CH30 – Last Words


“Globe made sure Jensen stays put in jail,” Joaquin declared.

Andy blinked. “It seems that way. That secures his position, paves the way to the Mayor’s chair and plays as enough reason to start a witch-hunt for supers. I can delete them but who knows how many times they’ve been tossed around the Internet until now. How many people saw them? Let me try something else.”

Andy closed the videos keeping in mind that he should retrace the IP to the source gifting them to the SuperHub. He entered Jensen’s details again and pulled out his work schedule. Then he booted the City’s archive and snuck his way to the traffic cameras around Jensen’s work.

“It would take hours to hack into every CCTV in the city, but these around Jensen’s work and those around Madison Park should be enough to give us an idea as to what Jensen does in his spare time.”

“I ain’t even mad bruh. Can you hack into anything?”

Andy didn’t even hear him. “Without these videos, there is nothing on Jensen. Not even a cough. So let’s see where he goes when it’s really him.”

It took an hour for them to scout the time frame between five and six when Jensen left work. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday it was always the same. He got in his car, and Andy made the trouble to follow him to his home. The pattern never changed. But on Friday things were different. They found Jensen coming to work at the business park, and after 6 they saw him leave. Andy correlated a single Friday to previous ones from months back, and it matched. Jensen took a different route on Fridays.

Miles Jensen took a cab instead of his own car and left in a different direction.

“Where are you going, Mr. Jensen?” Andy’s fingers danced on the keyboard, and his eyes scanned each block of the video displayed on his screen.

“There!” he said and pointed at the traffic lights below which Jensen’s cab took a turn. He followed the cameras and traced the man to his final destination. When the cab dropped off Jensen, it was in a dangerous part of town, near the docks.

“Isn’t that somewhere near Harbor Island? I recognized the bridge when the cab drove over it.”

Joaquin nodded. “Yeah, but what would he want with that place at that hour. It locks down early. Ain’t nobody has any business there that late. It’s dangerous as fuck.” Andy listened to Joaquin and bit his lower lip. He feared they would miss Jensen if the cameras were fucked and he knew they would be lucky if there were any cameras at all. It took him a while, but after a good thirty minutes, Andy had access to the only CCTV on the artificial island. After a tedious waiting, a corner shot finally showed them Jensen hurrying down the curb, looking around and then disappearing off screen.

“What was that about?” Joaquin asked leaning towards the screen, brows furrowed.

“I don’t know. Is he worried someone is following him?”

“In those parts dawg, he better not have “friends” unless he’s a big fish like I said.”

“So, to summarize what’s a city boy, making fifty-k a year doing in shady town on a Friday. Buying drugs?”

Andy looked at Joaquin. “I bet that if I check those CCTV tapes you brought me they won’t match what we just watched. They’ll be useless.”

So… why don’t you two go and find out whether Jensen is Mr. Freeze or not?

“Do you know what day it is today? It’s Friday, and if we leave now, we might make it on time. So…What do you say we go and find out what’s happening for real?”

Andy smiled at Joaquin.

I bet… I bet you’re both curious. C’mon, it’ll be an adventure! Remember the trip to the warehouse? That was fun, wasn’t it?

He repeated the words fed by the inner voice in his head but managed to keep his tongue behind his teeth for the last part. It still frightened him, and he still had nightmares of that day.

“What with Jensen? What about Massey?”

“We’ll call him on the way. Come on, aren’t you curious? Don’t you want to solve this mess on your own, save the old detective some breath?”

Andy was putting on his jacket and searching his room for his camera. Joaquin stretched his legs. Andy’s apartment was a claustrophobic kind of place with colorless walls. He went to the window and pulled the crooked blinds aside. A black SUV was parked on the street the apartment overlooked.

Just as Joaquin was about to say something, there was a ping sound from the SuperHub message system. Andy rushed to his beloved keyboard and opened the message.

“It’s a request for approval of another video from the same user who uploaded the Jensen videos.”

Joaquin stepped away from the window forgetting about the vehicle.

“Are you gonna open it?”

Andy toyed with a playful smile waiting for the temptation to burn through him. Then he greenlit the request and opened the video file. A low buzz quickly escalated to the hissing sound of unstable electricity. It was suddenly visible, the blue-white sparks inside the smoke. The screen went black and when Andy tried to touch the keyboard it crackled, the plastic exploding with finger biting sparks. Andy recoiled, cursing.

“What the fuck is happening?”

Joaquin tried to pull him aside, but Andy went on all fours and reached for the cables at the back of his PC. He flinched back twice grimacing at the searing of his skin, the hot cable melting away inches from his hasty touch. He wrapped his hand with his jacket and reached again ignoring Joaquin’s attempts to pry him away. Joaquin put his hands on Andy’s shoulders and pulled back. But Andy had grabbed hold of the power cable and yanked at it. There was a loud bang, and both Andy and Joaquin were flung back.

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