Intergalactic Bogtrotter & Banjaxed Ceili, by Felix R. Savage


Some things call for a little payback… Fletcher Connolly had more to lose than he thought. After the destruction of the Skint Idjit, Fletch and the Idjit’s crew face something far worse than the Butterfly-zillas of Suckass. In debt to Goldman Sachs to the tune of $50 million in cash, Fletch is willing to do just about anything to settle the balance. But when he is forced to swallow his pride and takes their new ship–the Intergalactic Bogtrotter–under the hiring hand of his greedy, piratical uncle, the situation spirals from desperate to outright lethal. Hit by a surprise attack and flung off the Interstellar Railroad into deep space, they find themselves dead-lined on a rogue planet. With the Bogtrotter in urgent need of repair and the perilous conditions of a sunless planet threatening their survival, Fletch’s stumbles put him and his friends between the crosshairs of his uncle’s oldest rival. Can Fletch find a way to turn the tables on this decade-old vendetta? Or will his uncle’s murderous agenda cost them all more than they are willing to pay?

The real question lies in what we are capable of… Fletcher Connolly has long since given up on the idea that things can’t get much worse. After the settlement of his debt to Goldman Sachs, Fletch has to face the fact that, regardless of their last misadventure, his uncle Finian had one thing right. The only way to get ahead in life is go for the gut. But when a simple, one-time heist of a priceless A-tech artefact — The Gizmo of Rejuvenation — goes lethally wrong, Fletch realizes just what it takes to play in this dangerous game. Caught in between local law enforcement and a rapacious, unethical saleswoman with her own secrets to protect, Fletch and his friends find themselves on a ride-or-die race across one of the galaxy’s most luxurious moons. With options running dangerously low and risk climbing just as quickly, Fletch is forced to realize that he may just have to sacrifice his most basic principle if they are going to survive. Can Fletch and his friends find a way to outsmart all their enemies and claim their prize? Or will Fletcher Connolly’s latest attempt to gain a comfortable, reputable lifestyle land them in a hole they can’t crawl out of?

Felix R. Savage keeps them coming with the second book in the series, Intergalactic Bogtrotter. (Actually it’s the third if you read book zero.) In this story, we read more shenanigans from Fletcher Connolly, the lovable misfit who seeks his fortune on the Interstellar Railroad. The same absurdist humor from previous stories continues in Intergalactic Bogtrotter. I look forward to reading Banjaxed Ceili, and can’t help but wonder what hijinks ol’ Fletch will find himself in…

Banjaxed Ceili (book #3) is the first of the Fletcher Connolly series to end on a cliffhanger. That disappointed me. Now that I’ve declared my singular gripe about the story, it’s time to move on. Like the previous three stories, Banjaxed Ceili is full of situational humor, puns, and a taste of the absurd. I recommend this story be purchased with the next in the line to lessen the impact of the cliffhanger. I’ll read the next story, and I look forward to doing so. Four stars!


You might say Felix R. Savage has a long history associated with rebellion. He was born in the 1970s, a decade of American youth rebelling against the safe culture of their parents. He is married to a wonderful woman and they have a beautiful daughter. Together the three of them live in Tokyo serving their cat overlord and benevolent protector. Felix writes Science Fiction and Fantasy while not translating, delighting in his family, or catering to the whims of the family’s cat. He never stops watching out for any sign the lizard people have found him.


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