Conspiracy of Ravens, by Lila Bowen


Nettie Lonesome made a leap — not knowing what she’d become. But now the destiny of the Shadow is calling. A powerful alchemist is leaving a trail of dead across the prairie. And the Shadow must face the ultimate challenge: side with her friends and the badge on her chest or take off alone on the dangerous mission pulling her inexorably toward the fight of her life. When it comes to monsters and men, the world isn’t black and white. What good are two wings and a gun when your enemy can command a conspiracy of ravens?

Excellent continuation of the life and times of “The Shadow.”

Book one concluded with a scene that allowed the reader to come up with his or her own conclusion. I suspect that many came up with the same conclusion, and book two picks up an indeterminate time afterward.

We get more stubborn Nettie, now Rhett. Many characters return from book one. What does The Shadow do after her fight with the Cannibal Owl? Why she takes on another big baddie, of course! All while dealing with issues like sexism, racism, and gender identity.

Book two was slower than book one, and for some reason that I can’t quite place, the ending felt lacking. Delilah Dawson is an excellent writer, and I have yet to read anything of hers that I flat out didn’t like. I look forward to reading books three and four, presumably out in 2017 and 2018. Conspiracy of Ravens is easily a 4.5-star read.

Delilah S. Dawson writes dark, edgy books for teens and fantasy with a wicked edge for adults. The Blud series is available now and includes WICKED AS SHE WANTS, winner of the RT Book Reviews Steampunk Book of the Year and May Seal of Excellence for 2013. SERVANTS OF THE STORM debuts August 2014, and Kirkus called the Southern Gothic Horror YA “an engaging page-turner” and “a standout, atmospheric horror tale.” April 2015 will see the launch of HIT, a YA pre-dystopia about teen assassins in a bank-owned America.


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