Will Victorious Maiden be completed?

As I’m sure some of you are aware, artists tend to want to be around other artists. I’ve never really considered myself an artist. I can’t draw worth a [crap]. Other typically “artisty” things like sculpting elude me. But, I need to embrace the artist moniker because writing is art. My wife is more of what I’d consider an artist – specifically she loves drawing cartoons. Now, my eleven year old daughter, may just be the most artsy-fartsy person in my household. She loves to draw anime fantasy characters:


About two years ago, I took a stab at writing a young adult novel. It’s something I’ve never been able to do, and I like to challenge myself. When I finished what I like to call the “vomit draft,” (that’s where you just barf the words onto the page,) I put it away to percolate for a month or two. When I came back to it, I realized that I didn’t have a finished novel; I had the beginnings to three novels in a trilogy. After breaking out the individual storylines and seeing what I had, I realized that the one that was the most done only had about 18k words written. I shelved the project (that shelf is getting full!) and worked on other things.


What will some day be the first book in the trilogy, Victorious Maiden, has the young female protagonists. They’re all strong-willed, and skilled with a particular weapon since this is a fantasy world and everyone has to defend themselves against baddies. My daughter drew the illustration above to represent those three protagonists. She wants me to finish the story so I can include her art. I’m pretty busy with other projects, and I’m a sucker for attention and/or praise. I’m hoping to gather the motivation to want to return to the project. Please take a moment to read and comment of the first Victorious Maiden story. Hopefully, your comments will inspire me to continue.


That’s another piece of anime fantasy art from my talented daughter. Anyway, Here are the links to all the parts:

01 – Heaven’s Sight
02 – Stave of Wrath
03 – The Falls of Dawn
04 – Betrayals and Beginnings
05 – Disclosures and Decisions
06 – Sleepless Nights
07 – Here Comes the Sun
08 – Superfluous Spear
09 – Fidelity Demands
10 – Before Oblivion
11 – Spend Eternity With Me
12 – Discovery
13 – Spirits Guide Us
14 – Cacophony of Crows
15 – Dawn Road Danger
16 – Sleep of Ages
17 – Muffled Silence
18 – Domain of Men
19 – Negotiations

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