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Today, the Kindle Scout campaign for my debut murder mystery novel, Score of Silence, starts. I’ve tried a few Kindle Scout campaigns, and unfortunately, I’ve never gotten the nod. The editors there have passed on War of the Worlds: Retaliation, which John and I licensed to Severed Press. We’re talking to them about another War of the Worlds book, tentatively titled, War of the Worlds: Firestorm. Kindle Press also passed on Sixteen Sunsets. Here’s hoping that the third time’s the charm.

Originally, Score of Silence was supposed to be a sequel to my techno-thriller, Body Rentals. After about 25,000 words or so, I realized that no one had switched bodies! So, I rewrote it into a murder mystery. There are still a lot of elements that stayed in Score of Silence. Tupper Jones is obviously Colonel Lance Bishop. (There was even a play on words in the first or second chapter about Tupper calling an ambu-Lance, but when I changed the name to Tupper Jones, the joke had to go.) Caroline Collins is Teresa from Tyrant and Body Rentals. Kimberly Smythe is Kimberly Smith. (I know, I know, “How original.”) The characters from Score of Silence took on a life of their own during the rewrite, and I already have a 48k rough draft of a second novel.

Anyway, I’d appreciate it if you could support the campaign by nominating, and sharing the link to your various social media outlets. Here’s that link:

Here are the description and character bios for Score of Silence:

Retired FBI agent, Tupper Jones, has made a name for himself as a private eye. But today isn’t his day. His partner and right-hand woman, Caroline Collins, has woken up next to the dead body of the FBI’s star mob witness with no memory of what happened. Tupper and Caroline must solve the mystery of what happened before the FBI puts Caroline away for the murder.

Tupper Jones is a former Colonel with the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Division. After a successful career in the Army, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation recruited Jones. He continued his exemplary performance in his duties before choosing to leave the FBI when it became clear to him that there was significant corruption in the organization. He formed a business, Tupper Investigations, with artist and journalist Caroline Collins. Jones’ ties to law enforcement and keen mind paired with Collins’ links to art thieves and con artists make them a formidable pair investigating Chicago’s seedy underworld. Jones maintains a personal and professional relationship with the two members of his former team in the FBI: Samuel Sykes and Marsha Tompkins.

Caroline Collins holds a Master of Science in Historic Preservation from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a Bachelor of Architecture, and a Bachelor of Journalism. She was a senior editor and reporter for the Chicago Tribune but left to pursue a career investigating art-related crime with the husband of her college friend, Tiffany Jones. Another college friend of Caroline is Kimberly Smythe, small-time con artist and stage magician. Caroline is street-smart after her years as a reporter and her association with the less-than-legal world of Kimberly Smythe. The fourth member of their college quartet and perhaps the person closest to Caroline was killed in a plane crash that Caroline feels responsible for.

Kimberly Smythe holds a Master of Arts in Modern and Contemporary Art History from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a small-time con artist, hacker, forger, and stage magician. Her stage persona is that of a male illusionist named Diamond Dante. A relative unknown in the world of magic, “Diamond Dante” has a cult following on the internet through “his” blog and youtube channel. Smythe is also an amateur conspiracy theorist. She spends a significant amount of time browsing conspiracy blogs and websites. She mistrusts any authority, but the FBI is high on her list. This causes strain on her relationship with Caroline and Caroline’s involvement with former FBI agent Tupper Jones. However, nothing could separate these college roommates.

Tiffany Jones holds a Master of Arts in Arts Administration and Policy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is an expert chef, and is the wife of professional investigator, Tupper Jones. She attended SAIC with Kimberly Smythe and Caroline Collins. She often consults with museums and art houses as an expert in marketing. She discovered that the only thing she loved more than cooking was her knack in planning and implementing large galas for the Chicago elite. She is known for her professional hospitality services, and has traveled around the world to organize fund raising events for the advancement of arts. A consummate philanthropist, Jones is highly regarded, and her professional career overshadows that of her husband’s.

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