Mourning the Trilogy by Adan Ramie (plus a FREE e-book!)

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Happy Sunday! Today we’re joined by author Adan Ramie. She recently released the third book in her Deviant Behaviors trilogy, Eager Observer. To celebrate, she’s giving away an e-book copy to one lucky reader. Drop a comment in the space below and we’ll draw the winner on Friday, October 6.

Good luck!

Letting go is the hardest part of a writer’s life.

This month marked a turning point in my career. After six years, my suspense trilogy, Deviant Behaviors, has come to an end, and I’m faced with a huge loss. Not only do I have to say goodbye to something I spent countless hours on, I have to say goodbye to all the characters who became like family to me.

Characters Become Friends

Once upon a time, I was a naive short story writer with aspirations to become a novelist and a strange, disjointed story idea brewing…

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8 responses to “Mourning the Trilogy by Adan Ramie (plus a FREE e-book!)

  • Andrea Reed

    Speaking of characters you have let go, what became of SCORE OF SILENCE?

    • Mark Gardner

      Score of Silence is currently under consideration by Panda Moon, but I haven’t heard from them in a while. The expected release is in 2018, and the rough draft of the sequel is already done! (It’s tentatively titled, Lady by the Window.)

      • Andrea Reed

        Will it be put in campaign on Kindle Scout to help create a buzz, as well as give them another chance to repair their mistake?

      • Mark Gardner

        Lol! I expect that Kindle Scout is something I’ll end up doing, unless another trad publisher makes an offer before I gear up in 2019. I have Lady by the Window tentatively scheduled for a 2020 release on my writing calendar. I may solicit another traditional publisher for Score of Silence if Panda Moon passes, but there is really no reason I can’t self-publish in the first half of 2018.

        I just double checked, and the Lady by the Window first draft is done at 49,000 words, so it’s right on par with Score of Silence 50,000 word final draft.

    • Mark Gardner

      Andrea! There will be a more official announcement on Wednesday, but I’m telling you first: Amber Cove has acquired the rights to publish Score of Silence and its sequel, Lady by the Window. Score of Silence is looking at a summer 2018 release,and presumably Lady by the Window will be out Summer 2019.

  • Adan Ramie

    I just saw the notification that you reblogged this. Thanks for the boost, Mark!

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