Wraith Hunter, by Clara Coulson

It’s been four months since the devastating battle on Primrose Avenue, and DSI still has its hands full. The local ICM chapter is now unstable, no leader to corral its members. The werewolves are moving in strange ways, like they’re keeping secrets. And there’s a traitor inside DSI, waiting to strike again. Cal Kinsey and his team, now back on the job, are desperately searching for the answers they need to restore balance in the supernatural community. But so far, they’ve had little success. Then, to make matters exponentially worse, a major Aurora convention center collapses without warning, killing dozens and injuring hundreds more. With all signs pointing to a supernatural terrorist attack, Cal and his team are thrust back into the danger zone once again. And this time, they’re playing for keeps. Because according to the riddle-filled letter that arrives on DSI’s doorstep, addressed to one Captain Nicholas Riker … the destruction of Aurora is only just beginning.

I read Soul Breaker back in 2015, and both Shade Chaser & Wraith Hunter in November 2017. As with Clara Coulson’s work under a different nom de plume, I have enjoyed every book that Ms. Coulson has written.

The Erica/Cal intensity I had hoped for at the end of Shade Chaser didn’t materialize in Wraith Hunter. Instead, well, no spoilers… Let’s just say that something happens between Erica and Cal. I’ll also tease that something happens between Erica and Cooper. And of course, between Cal and Cooper. How’s that for a teaser?

I’ve lived in Michigan, and have experienced wintertime at its worst. Coulson does an excellent job recreating the woodsy winter wonderland that is suburban Michigan, and I can easily see Aurora as a stand in for Lansing (I lived in Eaton Rapids, a suburb of Lansing.) I remember spending time in the endless woods behind my grandparent’s farm in Charlotte, Mi. Coulson does an excellent job recreating both the urban sprawl and the rural living in the City of Crows series.

The stakes are getting higher as the repercussions from the events in the previous novels keeps building. It’s like a high-octane race, but each driver forges his or her own path. They crisscross and with plenty of near misses to keep the reader guessing who’ll win, and in some cases, who to cheer for.

I look forward to reading book four, out in less than two weeks. I’m excited to see the results of Erica/Cal/Cooper, and hope that Team Riker finally gets the break they so deserve. All three books are available on Kindle Unlimited, and like books two and one, Wraith Hunter is a solid four stars. This one is the best one yet, and can’t wait to read Doom Sayer when it releases on December 10th.

Clara Coulson was born and raised in backwoods Virginia, USA. Currently in her mid-twenties, Clara holds a degree in English and Finance from the College of William & Mary and recently retired from the hustle and bustle of Washington, DC to return to the homeland and pick up the quiet writing life. Clara spends most of her time (when she’s not writing) dreaming up new story ideas, studying Japanese, and slowly reading through the several-hundred-book backlog on her budding home library. If she’s not occupied with any of those things, then you can probably find her playing with her two cats or lurking in the shadows of various social media websites. In the publishing sphere, Clara is currently occupied with the City of Crows urban fantasy series, and its companion series, Lark Nation.


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